Friday, May 30, 2014

Oh my Goodness,,,I am a terrible blogger!!

Hello is anyone out there!!!  I have not been a very good blogger lately, and have hardly been on the computer!  Now that spring and warm weather is here, we have moved outside to work in the yard again.  Lots of projects to update you on there.....of course in between being busy with all that entails the spare room needed to be taken care of ASAP!  We have company coming this week end!!

I have the best hubby ever!!  He can paint and landscape all in the same day!!

I had fun shopping for the details for the spare room.  I found a couple pillows that were marked down at Target.  That was the starting point for the colors that I wanted to go with...just needed a little inspiration!  I also liked the wee bit of yellow that was in the cushions and could see bringing in some of that color in the room would be a lot of cheery fun!

The wall color had to go!  and it is now drying a nice Grey Owl.  The same color that the upstairs of our house is.  I think it will work well with the white headboard we will make out of an old door.

Of course the paint can't dry fast enough for me to get the bed made, the curtains hung, and all the fun little details in place that make a space cozy and welcoming!

Stay tuned!!

I have joined the June Room Challenge Makeover....stop by and see what other room projects people are working on!

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