Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen update and color dilema!!

We have made some progress on the kitchen this week end..or that is Darrell has.  I am still in a bit of a supervisor mode since recovering from surgery.   I am feeling better each day though!   Hardwood floors are going in and that sure helps to clean things up!!  

 We have been able to use the kitchen throughout this whole process.  You can see what is left of it though after this week end!!  Darrell just keeps moving things around so that we have had access to the fridge and stove and this is what is left of my cupboard with the sink in it!

 Now for the color situation! Since I did not keep the color of the paint we used a good number of years back, we were not sure of the exact paint match we would get.  The yellow is a bit to "lemony" for our liking, and now we are maybe thinking of going with the blue grey tones???

I have a whole gallon of paint from when we redid the living room.  The color is called "Dawn Mist" is a little  bit of it on the wall.    The new cupboards have a brush stroke finish, and I think the mist color picks up that .  Hard to see in this picture I know.  I think I also like the grey tones with the hardwood better.  So this is where you fellow bloggers come in!   Any suggestions!  If you have a kitchen in the grey/blue tones with white cupboards, let me know!!   Thanks for all your help!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memories to make me smile

One thing I enjoy is photography and scrapbooking.  Thought I would do some show n tell and start out by posting some pictures of when the boys were younger.  Kaleb is now 20!

 Since I have only been scrapbooking for about 5 years or so, I decided I would just do pages of some of my favorite pics of when the boys were younger.  I now take pictures in a different way, one is always thinking of series of shots or different close ups.


The boys had great imaginations and were always up to something creative!   I don't know what Ben was pretending to be this day, but it makes me smile.  Ben is now 17.

 I don't have a lot of supplies, but have found a few things that make scrapbooking easier.  The letters for  this layout were made using my Cricut machine.   I have some favorite punches and a Cuddlebug machine that does embossing.  Ribbons are also another weakness of mine!

I really like his little eyes behind his "green lenses"  I will often enlarge a picture and just use one photo per page.  Depends on what I have to work with.

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed some of my layouts.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Flowers to brighten the day...

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Flowers can brighten any day, especially a "kitchen reno" site, don't you think!  I have been away from the computer for a few days as I had a day surgery procedure in Calgary on Feb 16th.  That very same evening found Darrell and I resting in a hotel room in Calgary.  Laproscopic procedures are definately the way to go...for recovery time that is.  All is well, and I was home on the 17th to rest and take it easy for a bit.  The lovely flowers are from my parents and brother.  Gerber daisies are one of my favorites!  So other than watching tv, doing some reading and lots of sleeping, all is going pretty well.  Thank you so much to friends who have brought a meal over, sent me a text or gave a phone call.  :)

The kitchen cupboards will be in on Wed.!!  I can hardly wait to see them.  With Darrell working shift work (he is on nights tonight), going to Calgary, Ben's hockey in between, not a whole lot of progress has been made on the kitchen.  Darrell did get the ceiling stippled and the painting done, so we are getting there slowly but surely.  A home renovation like you see on TV this is NOT!!!  Where are all those people that make up the "crew", they must have lost our address.

Well, I will try to post this to Mosaic Monday over at the Little Red House.  I may be to late for this week, but will give it a try.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A week end to honor Colin...we miss you

This week end found Darrell, Ben and I heading to Caronport SK.  We were on our way to Briercrest to honor my niece's husband.  Colin passed away this past July from Burkitts Lymphoma, a cancer that quickly took over his young, healthy body in a matter of only 11 months .  Our neice, Melissa, and  their two boys, are my new heroes as they face each day without the love of their lives.   Colin and Melissa both attended Briercrest College.  Colin was a proud member of the Briercrest hockey team, the Clippers.  Some of his former team mates came together to start  the Colin Burritt Memorial Scholarship and this past week end the college hosted an Alumni Tournament in Colin's honor.

You can follow their amazing journey on Melissa's blog.  Her strong faith in a God who loves her beyond belief, is her staying power as she faces a new chapter in her life.   God has given her a gift to write her thoughts down and to share her heart.....I hope you will be encouraged by her words.

This week end, as we were walking back and forth to the rink, her oldest who is 5, had my hand as we walked along.  He looked up at me and said, "My daddy was a Clipper you know."  With a lump in my throat I just said, "I know and he was one of the best Clippers ever and we are here to celebrate him this week end."

This will be my Mosaic Monday post for today, so head on over to Little Red House.

Here are a few more pictures from our week end :)  Thanks for stopping by.

Cousins playing in the tournament.

Melissa and her brother

Melissa and her family.  My hubby, Darrell, and her dad are brothers

Colin's brother and Corban

Ben and Keegan along the boards where Colin's jersey number is placed

Melissa  and Keegan

Colin's parents made the trip from BC for the week end.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sending some snow "down under"....

While cruisin around cyberspace, I found another great link to a photo sharing blog.  Chantelle is from Australia and has a fun point and shoot link.  Reading her blog she tells us that she is roasting in the Australian heat, and we are once again experiencing very wintery weather.  What a great contrast!!  So I thought I would post these pics of Ben and show her what fun we can have in the snow here in Canada.

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Another Mosaic Monday :)

 My son, Ben, and I were able to go on the school trip to Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland in April 2010.  I can't believe it was already a year ago!  I absolutely loved the old buildings, the cobblestone streets, the many interesting windows and doorways.  Venice was great!!  We were there just before the peak tourist season, so it wasn't  too crazy crowded.  I hope you will enjoy some of my photos from that trip, and I definately want to see more of Italy.

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And we are off.....

I love how this turned out,,,kinda gives you the feel of the hustle and bustle of an airport, yet Ben and his friend stayed in focus.   Don't know how I did that one????

These next few pictures were taken at Rothenburg.  They had a little market in the square that day.

I thought this man looked kinda interesting..

 A church in the little village we stayed in.  It was Easter week end and the village was almost deserted...everyone must go away on Easter week end??

Venice was great!  I loved all the little pathways, waterways and the old buildings.  Boy could you ever get lost in this city!!

 Our gondalier, we were told that the gondaliers job is becoming a thing of the past, alot of the younger generation is not interested in doing this .  What would Venice be without a ride in a gondola?

 My friend Emily,,,carnival masks are a popular souvenier from Venice

 Ben in Verona, at the House of Julietta.  We were in the same spot that some of the footage for the movie, Letters to Juliet was filmed!  Kinda neat!

More carnival masks at the Verona market square.

Stay tuned and I will post more pictures of our trip at a later date.  How about you, where are some interesting places you have visited.  Would your ideal trip be a hot tropical one, one filled with history, one filled with daring adventure....would love to hear your comments!   Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Card making on a winter day....

It is yet another blustery day here in Alberta.  Sure is going to be a nice green spring!  Just posting a few of the cards I have been working on.  Trying to use up some of my scraps and clean out papers before I buy more!!  Don't we all know that story we tell ourselves....quilters, scrapbookers, I am sure you can relate!

Not much progress on the kitchen right now.  The new pot lights are in, so that is another step closer to finishing the ceiling, walls and then FLOORING!!  Darrell is busy working at his day job :)    The kitchen cabinets are ordered and now the question is what kind of tile should we go with.  We are both kinda liking the subway tile .... and I think it has a timeless, country look to it.  Here are a few more kitchen looks that I like, pics are taken off of the internet.

I like the color green and this shade against the white cabinets is so cheery.  I have decided to stay with my yellow wall color though, as this way we won't have to repaint in the dining room which is just off the kitchen.  Our granite color will probably be black , so this kitchen shows how the black counter top and white subway tiles would look.    Ohhhh just get me to the decorating stage!!!

I like the light fixture in this room and the window.  Our dining room table is not round, and is bigger, but I do like the idea of using 2 more formal chairs at the end of the table.  Would be a way to bring in some fabric and texture too.

Will need 2 pendant lights for over the island..oh, so many choices!!  Like the subway tile in this picture, it almost looks like marble??

Well, it is time to make some supper and get to Ben's hockey game.  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.  Thanks for checkin in!  :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love all the new comments from new friends...newbie postings are a great idea :)

Just a quick post to thank Debbie for hosting the "newbie party"and to the new followers who signed into my blog.  Its great to hear feedback from others and to meet new people.

Life in the country is very cold and blustery today!  I actually was in Calgary today (glad I went in the night before) and was surprised to hear Ben say that he wasn't in school today because of a "snowday".  The weather was clear and sunny in Calgary, but as I got closer to home it was a little more like a mini snow storm.  Glad to be home safe and sound :)

I am admiring everyones creative pictures of finished projects and beautifully decorated rooms....I am still in such a reno mess, so there is not too much for beauty or inspiration around here!!  I see that a lot of bloggers take pics of the great food they are preparing, or delicious baking items that have just come out of the oven.  The pic below is dining reno style!!  Yikes!  I am glad that for the most part the kitchen appliances have been able to be used.  The cupboard with the sink has to come out soon so we can tear out the strip of flooring under them.  I just keep telling myself how worth it our little kitchen is going to be when we are done.  Finalized the cupboard order yesterday and they will be here in one month!!

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