Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Here's an update from the country!

Projects,,,spring outside projects!!  Sometimes I think we are makin  some progress.  This will be our 4th summer at this property!  That is hard to believe and alot has changed in the past number of years.  We are pretty much done the renovations in the house ( will eventually do the 2 bathrooms, and change the carpet in our bedroom....) and it is time to move outdoors now that spring is here!

Here's the to do list for this year:

Re seed grass where needed   -  CHECK!  Now I am just praying that it grows!
Re shingle the roof  -   the shingles have been delivered to the yard and hopefully this weekend ...
Build pergola for outside fireplace area - CHECK!
Finish the "out door fireplace"  -  check out the pictures below on our progress!
Make two small flower beds off of the back fence -  CHECK! This was a last minute bonus job thats done
Replace the siding and change front entrance
Restain the deck
Make pathways to fireplace area and patio area under pergola
Finish painting the 3 rail fences - almost there!
Move 2 small outbuildings - CHECK!
Do a little mini makeover on the barn - CHECK!
Landscape the back yard, along the house
Get rid of all the dead trees

We had a very productive day this past long week end Monday!  Darrell has done an awesome job on the fireplace!!  We had about 6 stones left over from doing the front and sides of the fireplace....we will just finish the back with boards.  The stones were left over from a reno job that we did in our previous house and saved us some money on this project.   He ran power under the grass so that we could put up lights in the pergola and accent the fireplace.  Can't wait to put all the finishing touches out there!

I was able to get my planting done.  Working in the yard was so enjoyable, the birds were singing and the temperature was just right.  I have a bit more shade in some areas of this yard, so it meant doing some reading on what will work best.

Here are few pictures of how things are looking!

Just a little before picture of how over grown this yard was!  We could envision the areas that we wanted to have in the yard but sometimes it was such an overwhelming feeling to get things "cleared out"!  I have lost track of the grain truck loads of leaves, dead branches and pruned branches we have hauled out of the yard!  So glad there is always an After picture!!

These pictures were taken in March 2012 when we first looked at the property.
This side of the yard has 4 spruce trees that needed some MAJOR trimming up!

Summer 2012 : Getting there,,,and the yard just got bigger! 

 Summer 2014 made the arbour into the fireplace area

  2015 Grass is now re seeded, but we may have to come up with another plan for under the spruce?

Summer of 2013...the fireplace area will come together!!  Gotta start with a cheap fireplace found on Kiijii.   My dad enjoying the fire,,,but not the mosquitoes!

The guy with the plan

A peek through the trees to something cozy and peaceful

Stay tuned for more spring/summer updates coming soon!!

Oh! almost forgot,,,,someone has already moved into the outside room....
They have a birds eye view from the top of the pergola!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring decor around the house

I thought I better get some pictures posted of springtime around the house before spring is over!!  Just got back from our trip to Vancouver Island and it was so beautiful on the island!  Spring is definately sprung there!  So many beautiful shades of green and the foliage is so thick and carpet like!!  Will post more on that another day and share some pictures.

The fireplace mantel is a very large one,,,,which means that because of my obsession that things have to be balanced evenly,  can prove to be a bit of a problem!!   Thankfully Michaels had some good sales on their spring decor and I was able to buy one get one on a number of these new accessories!

Tend to be seeing more of the wicker and wood grain colors...
I like them with clean whites and just a pop of color.

Hints of robin egg blue for just a touch of color.

Tulips had a place on the mantel as well this spring.
White pitchers and flowers,,,one of my favorite things!

One of my favorite pictures of color and texture.

Nothing like HOME

Morning sun coming into the sitting area.
A good place to have a cuppa something,
a visit with a friend or a nap!!

We are working outside, getting areas ready to seed grass, finishing the fireplace area, and doing some landscape border work.  Always something to keep busy and get this yard into shape the way we want.  
Have a wonderful day and happy spring!!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Who knew a heart shaped rock could be so photogenic!!

Can you find the heart shaped rock in the pile?  This reminds me that out of all the people in the world, God knows me by name and knows my heart....

I went for a walk along the coulee close to our house and found this 
heart shaped rock along the way!  

An old piece of tin with grass growing through made an
interesting back drop as well.

A clear blue prairie sky in the background.

Looking forward to a trip to Victoria this coming week.
Our first official "empty nest " get away.
Hope to get lots of photos along the way.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

"S" is for SPRING

Happy Easter !!    He is RISEN! a celebration of the greatest battle that was and ever will be fought....and just to think He did for me!   Thankful for the grace of the cross today.

I just love the texture and simplicity of this picture!

The tulips I bought have opened up nicely.
They look nice on fireplace mantel amongst a few touches
of shades of seafoam and tourqoiuse.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Along the trail

We have beautiful walking trails in our city.  The paths wander through the coulee and along the river.  With the river coming through the city, you can see deer at any given time , some even wandering casually through the downtown streets.  These three beauties were sharing the pathways with me the other day.

I think they are waiting for greener grass to appear as well!
 A light skiff of snow on the ground again this morning.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Springtime tulips

I love flowers in white pitchers!  Today I bought a nice bouquet of pale pink tulips and spring has come to the kitchen island!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cinnamon Roll Cake - sharing from the kitchen today!

The other day I had a wonderful text from my friend Erin who lives a couple of hours away ....
She was just wishing I could stop over and to have a chat and a coffee.  Those are the best "thinking of you" messages that just brighten ones day!

So Erin, and my other long distance friends and family,,,,,if you could stop by for a visit  today, this is what we could share over a cuppa coffee.  Enjoy!!

The recipe is really easy !

I try not to do alot of baking, cause with just Darrell and I at home we will eat it ALL!!
I like to try new recipes though, so todays baking will be shared with Darrell's co workers and I think I will drop some off at my daughter in laws workplace as well....she works in the same office as our nephew, so I can give them both something to enjoy at coffee break!  And,,,,I did eat too many of the side pieces that I cut off,,,so it is off for a walk for me!!

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