Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How does your garden grow....

We have been enjoying some beautiful summer weather here!  The flowers are really starting to bloom and I have daisies again!!  Rome wasn't built in a day, and it is taking some time to get this yard organized.  I have planted some new perrenials and I am hopeful that they will come back next year and the next...

When I saw these bed posts at the Restore, I knew the perfect place for them.
Best part was they were $5.00 each, Darrell cut them down so they would
make a nice grouping for the garden.

I enjoy "before" and "after" blog posts and participated in a June Makeover Challenge that was hosted over at Thrift Diving with Serena.  She put out a challenge to finish a room makeover in the month of June.  Since I was working on my guest room, I decided to participate.  It is great having a deadline to work with and you can visit all the wonderful before and after posts by the bloggers that jumped on board.  

Have a great day everyone and hope you have sunny skies where you are.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Super Easy Wall Art Project for Guest Room

Here are a few more details of the guest room progress.  Its all about the finishing touches now...the {FuN} part !!

Step 1.  Take second hand store picture frames and spray them the color you would like.
Step 2.  Put together an assortment of co ordinating scrapbooking papers and stamp some cute sayings            
             on them.
Step 3.  Hang your inexpensive wall art on the wall!

 Our re purposed table on the longest wall of the room.  

Here's more pics!

Another great clock from Real Deals gift store.

Collage of "easy to do" picture frames

Happy Summer everyone!  Thanks for stopping by the guest room.

You can see the other posts related to the guest room here and here

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Guest room almost done,,,,a sneak peek at the re purposed table

I love the light in this room!!  Pictures turn out amazing I think, the light is just right when the sunshines through the window.  Here is a sneak peek at what has been happening in the guest room.  Some of our favorite peeps are coming next week end, so the finishing touches should all be in place by then!

Have a great sun shiney day everyone!!

A cupboard front from the Re Store along with some
of my favorite hooks makes a nice spot for guests
to hang fluffy new towels!

More to come later..

Friday, June 13, 2014

Re Purposing the Past....

When we moved from Hanna we literally brought a piece of the town history with us!  We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies when we moved some of  our "stuff" down to this property.  We rented a flat bed to haul the grain truck that Darrell's dad had purchased brand new in 1965.   Of course, the grain truck box and even the inside of the cab were loaded to the brim as well.  Some of the items in the truck box were some timbers from one of the Hanna grain elevators that was tore down.  Darrell is hoping to restore the ole grain truck as it holds lots of memories for him.

Grain elevators, PRAIRIE GIANTS, that told you that you were on the roads and hiways of the expansive prairies.  Markers on the horizon to look for when wondering where the next town was.  In years past, the busiest place in the community when it was harvest time.  I remember having to quickly run samples of grain into the elevator while the truck waited in the field to be sure the grain was dry enough....taking Kaleb in to see Shelley or Max who worked there and always had something to say to a curious little boy.  A gathering place for the farmers to shoot the breeze about how the crops were doing.  Definately a hub in the community and a part of the important railway system to move grain across the country.

These pictures of the Hanna Elevators were taken by Kevin Connolly
He enjoyed taking pictures of prairie elevators and we actually carried his collection of 
many photos in the gift store when we operated That Country Place

So, what does this have to do with our fireplace room you are wondering?  Well Darrell knew that he would want to incorporate some of those great ole timbers in some DIY project! So we hauled them along in our move!!  

A fun store in Medicine Hat is Real Deals...
That is where I got this clock and I will have another one
to reveal in the Guest Bedroom soon.
Be sure to check out their Face Book page.

Another spot the elevator timber was put to use was the "outside room" we
had on the Hanna property.  We have plans for creating another fireplace area
here and I think we may have one more timber to make use of there.
Sigh...I miss this room.   The rocks were all picked from the fields, a touch of the prairies...
An outside room, with pergola and stone fireplace are in the works for here too.
Stay tuned for that project!  Yikes!! Where are all those DIY people that you see
on TV when you need them!!

Hope you enjoyed some of the finishing touches on this room.
Have a great week end everyone!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

An update on the fireplace....

I am so pleased with how our fireplace area turned out!  and while I am finishing up the guest room, I thought I would get this posted as well.  The person our son is working for did the work for us.  We had a quad he wanted to purchase and then asked how we would like payment....we could exchange for a "work project" !  I was quick to suggest we have him finish the fireplace mantel for us and it would save Darrell some frustration as he says he is not the best finishing carpentar!

Here is what the room looked like the first time we saw the inside of the house...

During renos
All that tile was a job in itself to remove!!

Painters tape makes a good fireplace plan,,,don't you think!
We usually just "wing it" with our plans  :)

Lets just remove the window
The man behind all the work!

Thankfully there is always an "AFTER" when you are a DIYer

More pics and details to follow,,, but lookin at the time, this girl has got to get out the door to work!

Thanks for stopping by.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Update on the "Little Table that Could"

The guest bedroom makeover is almost done.  Here is an "almost there" collage of the table Darrell has been working on.  You can read about where I found it here.

Some of the wood slats on the table were very cracked and I suggested that maybe we would have to start from scratch on this little project.  Darrell was determined that he would use the original wood and with a little glue and some clamps he was pleased with how it held together!

I am sure this was a table used in a Sunday School Room
We decided to get rid of the gum that was stuck underneath it!
Wonder who MATT was...and where is he now?!

Ready for a coat of paint.

Have a great week end everyone!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Need an Easy Headboard Idea....just use an old raised panel door.

I have used many old raised panel doors for a few spots in my home.  Look for them through Kiijii ads, or as we have been lucky to find..the trash!  Here is the guest room with a new headboard, just needed a coat of white paint.  It doesn't have to be perfect, more dents and dings give it some character!

Every bedside needs a pretty table and a place to put things

For more on this guest bedroom makeover be sure to click here

Upstairs loft room at That Country Place BnB that we owned in Hanna.
The BnB is still operating and you can visit the website at
I would like to add the crown moulding to the top of the guest room
 headboard as we did on the one for the BnB room

Old doors used in my living room, they help fill up the wall space.
I hang different pictures from them for the different seasons.
This picture is from Christmas time.

Not every idea turns out the way we planned...
We wanted to use a door in our coffee station...
But a trip to the Brick for that perfect piece just seemed
to work out better this time!

Visit here to see the coffee station post

Have you made use of some old doors?
I would love to see what you did with them, so leave a comment 
and share your link.

Have a great day!

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