Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Road Again...

Our oldest son, Kaleb, is in a band called the Social Threat.  The band consists of Wade (vocals and lead guitar), Kyle (vocals and drums) and Kaleb (bass guitar).  They are a punk rock genre and have been having fun doing shows in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

A couple week ends ago, I was travelling east to Medicine Hat and the band was on the road travelling west to Calgary.  My sweet shot for this week is one that I took while driving.... yes, I have to admit I was driving...but I did not cause an accident  or anything  :)  I put the camera on sports mode, held it up to the window and kept looking down the "divided hiway" for any sign of the big white van cruisin down the road.   While staying on the road, I took a chance with the click of the button to capture the band in motion!  

The composition is not too bad,,,what do you think?  

Here's the unedited version for the "Before an After" blog hop over at Pixel Perfect...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  
Have a great week....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Lovin Party over at Sarah's

Sarah, from Modern Country Style, has been excited about hosting another party.  This one is Summer Loving.   The front of the BnB is one of my favorite summer spots and I call it my "town yard"... easy to maintain, the grass can be cut in about 10 minutes with a push mower,,,unlike the rest of the yard which takes about 3-4hrs on the riding mower..., and it offers our guests a quiet spot to enjoy the peacefulness of the country.

A quiet place to read your favorite book,,,

What would summer be without some flowers to make it even brighter....

Our  business sign, painted by a local artist.

Of course, what would summer be without having friends over for a BBQ.   Homemade hamburgers with buns from the bake shop and topped with all the fixins.    mmmm...

Hope you are all having a great summer!!
and be sure to stop over at Sarah's to see all the

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stoppin by the General Store

I was in Drumheller a few weeks back and stopped to visit my friend Leanne at her business, The General Store.  It is a quaint little shop filled with country accessories, whimsical gifts, and primitive country finds.  Leanne and I became friends when I first opened That Country Place back in 1995.  She was a stay at home mom who loved making crafts and enjoyed all things country.  It has been fun to watch her expand her interests by opening a little General Store.  I am glad that business brought us together and that after all these years we have  a friendship that was the bonus of getting to know one another.
Primitive dolls, pictures and candles may be on your list...

Small pieces of furniture,just right for that extra country touch.

 Kitchen accessories....

Pumpkins.... great for your fall decorating.

Candles in all shapes, scents and colors...

Hope you enjoyed a quick tour around the General Store!

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by the country.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Gettin ready for Barn Charm...

Its the week end again!  Wishing you all a great one!  I have a number of barn photos to get ready for a photo party I have found called "Barn Charm".

Here is one that I edited real quick this morning, using Picnik.

Here is the original picture:

I wonder what kind of stories these old places could tell??
Don't you wonder.....

Have a great week end everyone!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing some of the "man cave" part of our house.....

I was busy doing some ironing for the BnB early this morning,,,,down in the basement.  I dislike ironing quite a lot actually.  I was also missing Ben a little bit and got tidying up his room and thought I would get everything all freshened up for when he comes home from Europe.  Its a rainy evening, so I got completely sidetracked and decided to keep tidying up the basement and take some photos for my blog...

So, welcome to the guy's spot in our house!

I don't have any before pictures,,,but just imagine  a 1980's basement with odds n ends furniture, brown carpet, wall panelling and I think you will get a good visual!  The boys (reno babies as I call them  :)  ) had lots of good ideas for their space.  Open ceiling painted black, using tin on the walls....

A metal culvert hides the support post at the end of the stairs.
I think that was Darrell's idea  :)

Grey, red and black was the color choice.  The clock hangs on the chimney bricks.
IKEA , Ikea, everywhere!!

My scrapbook corner (under the stairwell) is behind the curtains.
Framed pictures of Ben from motocross races.

 Art projects and puzzles make up the art work.
And of course guys must have big screens...

Kaleb's drawing of a engine block...I think  :)

The metal wall with "Magnetic Poetry"
and some of the stuff they came up with???

Cartoon drawings of the boys when we were in Disneyland..
that seems like along time ago now.

I have given Darrell a puzzle for Christmas for many years now.
Found this fun puzzle series and they have become great wall art.

See any favorite shows you remember...

How about your favorite Rock n Roll group

60's could be fun...

Taking a break from the kitchen reno in January and putting puzzles together.

With Kaleb living on his own in Medicine Hat now, Ben has the
basement to himself pretty much....
Just a peak into his room, since he's not here to ask permission
to photograph his room  :)

A few of Ben's prize possessions from hockey, motocross and archery.
A real boys room. is 11:45 pm.  Time to call it a day!  I will post a few more pictures tomorrow.  This picture of Ben's tube of toothpaste is an indication of how "messy" a guys bathroom can get!!!!  Stay tuned for the cleaned up version of the bathroom!!  Too late to tackle that one now. all I can say!!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday on the horizon

Another summer week end behind us.  I am not ready for the summer days to be over.  We have enjoyed entertaining on the decks, fires in the outside room, the windows wide open,  the frogs croaking, and the summer list could go on.

This is Ruth, my dearest friend!  
We enjoyed a nice supper served on the deck tonight.
Spinach salad, flatbread pizza with bbq sauce, chicken, peppers, spinach

Our plates were almost too big for the table!!
They are from Ikea,,,,,

We had a good visit, getting caught up on each others lives.

Time to call it a day.  I think I will curl up in bed and try to get my book finished that seems to have been on my nightstand forever...almost done!!  Have a great week everyone!

The morning sky:
Monday, August 15,2011
7:15ish am

"This is the day the Lord hath made..."

"Sieze the Day"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some new favorite things

I was able to get to Ikea, HomeSense and an antique store over the past few weeks.  Ikea and HomeSense are my favorite and to add an antique store in there where I actually found something was a bonus!

My favorite find at the antique store was this cheese crate.  I like it even more because it was used for Canadian cheese!!  I have it displayed in our entry with a few other crocks and things...

Isn't she a beauty!

My other 2 favorite things are from HomeSense.  The cute little white crate with "Flowers" on it was on ly $9.99.  Add a few "fake" plants from Ikea or a few fresh flowers from the garden and I like it!!

Two looks for the price of one...English or French

Flowers from my yard,,,,

These little pots with the sayings and grasses will look nice at the BnB perhaps..

Well ya gotta have faith....

I better get going outside, it is another beautiful evening and I have some plants to deadhead...
Maybe a bike ride down the lane would be a great way to end the day as well.
Hope you are all having a great week end.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Whats is your favorite "app"

I got an IPAD!!
What is your favorite "app"

What a crazy techie world we live in!  Just finished my 3rd call to Telus trying to get this little device all ready to go... I think I am finally in business.  This was my purchase a few weeks back and here I am in Banff looking up accommodation for the rest of our little getaway that Darrell and I had.

It is a handy little gadget, and once I am onto how to use it I think it will be great!  We do not have IPhones so I will learn on my IPad.  I have my likes and dislikes for this technological world we live in.  I have learned how to text my teenagers and it is a great way to always send them a little "I am thinking of you note" any time of day!!  

So, tell you have an Ipad and what do I need to know!!  Any favorite apps that you just can't live without!   Have a great day everyone!

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