Monday, January 25, 2016

Check out "Chairish" and my Style Board

I was asked by "Chairish," a great online shop where you can find just about anything you may need to decorate a wonderful room, to create a style board for a "Woman Cave".  I  have never created an actual style board, often the idea is just in my head and I know exactly what I am looking for when I go into a store.  This was a fun assignment as I put together color, furniture, and accessories.

The style board was to be designed around their "vintage bar stool collection."  I wanted to go with a modern farmhouse vibe to my woman cave.  I chose a "mid-century turquoise fiberglass peg leg" bar stool.    I wanted to have a cabinet that would hide away and hold glasses, napkins, wine bottles, and other accessories that you find in a bar.  The wooden shelf would be a place to showcase special and unique glassware, interesting vintage bottles and some favorite pictures could be interchanged on the shelves as well.   The light fixture would give a nice modern element to the area and the fun fabrics on the cushion would soften things up a bit.

Here is what I came up with :

All items are from the Chairish website, an online retailer that sells one-of-a-kind vintage items.  Be sure to have a look around the site and see what you can find!!

This {woman cave} could be the perfect place to raise a glass in celebration, enjoy a hot apple cider and cozy in for the evening.

Thank you to Holly for inviting me to join in the Diva Den style board assignment and be sure to check out the {CHAIRISH},  website soon!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Adding a Stamped Touch

It is our daughter in laws birthday and I had fun wrapping up her gift in some stamped wrapping.
I like using kraft shopping bags, brown lunch bags and kraft paper to wrap presents in a country style.

I have a large Happy Birthday stamp and used that to cover a piece of large kraft paper.  Sweet and simple!  I then looked through my ribbons and picked one with green as that is one of Js favorite colors.  Finally found a use for the cute checked burlap bow for the finishing touch.

KnJ are heading to Thailand in February, so the package contains a travel journal and some photo albums for them to have their memories of this big trip with them forever.  They are excited to get a chance to meet their sponsor child they have through Compassion International !  I am sure they will have a wonderful adventure!

Sweet n Simple Country Style

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First project of the New Year off the list!!

We started the New Year with a little tweaking on the office!  This room was one of the first ones that we renovated when we moved into the house in July 2012...time has gone by and the wee renovators that you see in these pictures have grown up as well!!


The office was a spare bedroom and we wanted to open it up to the rest of
the kitchen area.  The sink, the washer and dryer were at the back entrance and are now
downstairs in the laundry room.

Little boys with hammers!!
and permission that they could bang on Auntie's wall!!
It was fun to step through the hole they helped make.
Looks like we forgot the saftey meeting though...bare feet and no shirts!!

We wanted to do a white shiplap board look to this wall, however when we found the
flooring on sale at Home Depot we decided to save the white shiplap look for another
project.  We needed 8 boxes to complete the wall and that is exactly what was in stock!!

I think the new wall just warms up the room and adds some interest!  Very happy with how
it turned out.  Have had this Ikea furniture for awhile now and I still like it!
The pictures on the wall are just from Walmart and have had them as long as the office
furniture.  The pictures look way better with the grey background!

So, come on into the office!

 I wanted to use accents that were Industrial Farmhouse

The light on the crate to the left of the desk is from a swather Darrell spent hours on
  When I turned the "faint" light on he commented that it shone about
that bright in the field too!!

New lights change up the space alot!

Darrell made the table that the phone is on, the bottom of it is
an old steering wheel from a tractor that he spent many hours on.

The bookshelves are built in to what was once the closet.
I moved the chair up from the spare room and it fits perfectly
in the space and the foot rest was from Jysk.  A new spot to 
read a book or chat on the phone!

Finally replaced the tired ole Ikea folders that we had on the wall
with some nice metal file holders.  This is such an easy
way to keep bills and important papers in order.  Everything in its
place makes for a space that is tidy and organized.

Trying out the panoramic setting on my Iphone..

Its all about the little accents, even in an office space, that makes it inviting
and that makes you want to spend time in.  This is where I do all my bloggin and
photo editing.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we have been up to in this New Year!

Any projects on your "to do list" for this year?

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Monday, January 4, 2016

A perfect shadow

The morning sun was shining onto the fireplace mantel the other day.  There was a perfect reflection of the candles that I quickly ran to capture with my camera.

I am slowly getting the Christmas decor put away, but I think I will leave the mantel for a few more weeks.  I think it has a good wintery feeling to it.  The house always look so bare once the tree is down.  Getting ready to share some pictures of our office with you....did some finishing touches on it and love the results.  Stay tuned.

I like how the glass from the latern made an interesting reflection.

Last week Darrell and I got away for an overnight stay at the Cypress Hills.
The Cypress Hills run through Alberta and Saskatchewan.
This time, we were on the Saskatchewan side.

Friends of ours have a cabin there and we enjoyed playing games, eating, 
doing some skating the next day and going for a walk.

 If you look through the trees, you will find a wee log cabin that I am kinda
intrigued by.  We actually saw it for the first time June of 2014 when we were
visiting our same friends.  I love the red door and the red trim around the windows.

There has been no activity around this cabin for what looks like years.
Of course, we peaked in the little gap in the curtains and was like looking 
at a time warp of someones life.

I love this red door!! and look at the nice fireplace...
I really want to see what is on the other side of the door!
We may have to do some investigating!!

This sign at the entrance to the cabin lot is all we have to go with..
I love a good mystery!

Here are some of my pictures I took of the cabin 
when we saw it the first time...

 The small prairie town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan is about 20
minutes from the park.  We enjoyed a walk down the main street and enjoyed
a wonderful supper in a late 1800's building.  The name of the restaurant is
THE STAR and I would recommend it to others.!

Interesting original brick wall, creaky old floors, and wonderful food!

It was dark when we walked back to the car, but I was happy to get this
picture of the window display in the "Daily Grind" coffee and gift shop.

It too is housed in one of the original old buildings of the town.

Sometimes just going an hour away in your own neck of the woods 
is a refreshing change of pace!  

Have a great week everyone!!
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