Saturday, February 5, 2011

Card making on a winter day....

It is yet another blustery day here in Alberta.  Sure is going to be a nice green spring!  Just posting a few of the cards I have been working on.  Trying to use up some of my scraps and clean out papers before I buy more!!  Don't we all know that story we tell ourselves....quilters, scrapbookers, I am sure you can relate!

Not much progress on the kitchen right now.  The new pot lights are in, so that is another step closer to finishing the ceiling, walls and then FLOORING!!  Darrell is busy working at his day job :)    The kitchen cabinets are ordered and now the question is what kind of tile should we go with.  We are both kinda liking the subway tile .... and I think it has a timeless, country look to it.  Here are a few more kitchen looks that I like, pics are taken off of the internet.

I like the color green and this shade against the white cabinets is so cheery.  I have decided to stay with my yellow wall color though, as this way we won't have to repaint in the dining room which is just off the kitchen.  Our granite color will probably be black , so this kitchen shows how the black counter top and white subway tiles would look.    Ohhhh just get me to the decorating stage!!!

I like the light fixture in this room and the window.  Our dining room table is not round, and is bigger, but I do like the idea of using 2 more formal chairs at the end of the table.  Would be a way to bring in some fabric and texture too.

Will need 2 pendant lights for over the island..oh, so many choices!!  Like the subway tile in this picture, it almost looks like marble??

Well, it is time to make some supper and get to Ben's hockey game.  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.  Thanks for checkin in!  :)


Life with Kaishon said...

Beautiful ideas for a kitchen! how exciting : )
You must look up Chantelle! You will absolutely LOVE her : )
I do photographer interviews every Thursday.

Verde Farm said...

Love your blog. So glad I visited today from Little Red House.

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