Monday, May 2, 2011

Pass the cookies please....

I am really enjoying baking with my new stove.  It is convection and baking time is really quick with it.  Only problem is "jar #5" that sits on the new countertop is too handy to sneak cookies from!

Thanks to Tonya over at Love of Family and Home, for getting me going on putting numbers on my glass jars.  Tonya and her mom have lots of great ideas, so why not check out their blog too.  I just used my handy Cricut machine to cut out the numbers, a heavier black card stock.  They seem to be sticking okay.

I have posted the recipe as well, another great editing trick from Picnik, right on the "polaroid" looking frame I also chose from Picnik.

This is not the number of cookies I ate either!!  I think it was 2

My cute scale from the  rummage sale 

Mmmm..chocolate chip seems to be the fav around here.
What is your family favorite?

Thanks for stopping by That Country Place!


Gina said...

Oh yum! There is nothing quite like seeing a jar filled with freshly baked cookies. Art for the eyes, art for the tummy! LOL

Lorrie said...

Love the number idea. And cookies warm from the oven - irresistible.

Kristy said...

I love the scale and numbers! Very cute!

Dee said...

It’s a great looking scale for your kitchen. The cookies look delicious!


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