Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One crazy prairie storm...and getting somewhat caught up.

Hi everyone!!  There is one wicked storm brewing this evening.  We have had pouring rain, a bit of hail, wind and more rain.    I am finally finding myself in front of the computer .  Other than checking quick emails and making a few comments on some of your blogs, I have been busy this past week.  I am finally done working my fulltime "fill in" shifts at work and am back to my glorious 10-2 shift!!  We have had a busy week and a bit of BnB guests.  Holland, Switzerland, Edmonton, Moose Jaw are some of the places people have been visiting from.  I enjoy that about our BnB, meeting people from other places.

The Santo family from Switzerland.  

Their comments from our guest book at the BnB

"Dear Darrell and Dawna, we thanks you so much for your warmhearted hospitality! Your house is very beautifully furnished, we are very impressed.  A lot of details, and are all in the right place.  The flowers this morning were wonderful and the breakfast, dear Dawna, was very fine.  Thanks so much for all.  I hope we can come back in a few years.  We wish you all the best   If you are in Switzerland one day, you are very invited, to visit us."

It really is a small world, and in about a months time, Darrell and Ben will be in Switzerland and do plan on visiting the Santo family!!  Ben leaves for Sweden on July 28th...he is going with Hockey Ministries International and will be helping with on ice coaching and counselling at 2 hockey camps in Sweden.  Then on Aug 13th, he will meet up with his dad and grandpa in Zurich for another 2 weeks of seeing where Grandpa Florian was born and spent his early childhood.  They will have quite the adventure!!  Turns out that the Santo family's farming operation is only about 1 hour from where Darrell, Ben and Florian will be !  Ben will be travelling on his own to Sweden, so I know I will be a little bit anxious next week...you can say a prayer for me!!  I am glad that he and I  travelled to Europe last spring with the school trip, atleast he will know a little bit of what to expect with international travel.  

Ben getting on the airplane to come home from Frankfurt last April
Can't believe it is time to let them spread their wings more!!

We finally have had some really hot weather here on the prairies!!  On Saturday, after getting breakfast done for a full house at the BnB and getting all the rooms made up for the next group of people, I decided to sit in the sun for awhile, sip some iced tea and read my book!!

Same picture edited in Picnik

I decided to even let the watering can sit for a few hours....

Here is the same picture after doing some editing in Picnik.

Sunday evening and Monday my parents, aunt and uncle, and my moms first cousin and his wife were here.  We enjoyed sitting on the decks, looking at photo albums and visiting.   

My mom, Ben and cousin Donna

My dad, enjoying some ice cream on a hot day!

My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alvin

Where has the time gone,,,,glad we have photos to remember them by!

Some interesting clouds in the prairie sky!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by the country!  

I will try to get caught up on my blog reading soon!!


camp and cottage living said...

The clouds are quite unusual!
What fun and hard work you're BnB must be.
My husband and I have always worked in the tourist community and have meet people from all over the world too. I'mmissing it now that we are no longer involved.
Safe traveling mercies to your son and husband!!

Tonya said...

So glad you are blogging again!! I didn't know you guys had a BnB! How cool is that?! Love your photos of the glass of tea & book and also the watering can & flowers...so simple, but so pretty! I would love to see more of your outdoor space! I think I caught a glimpse of an outdoor fireplace...looks gorgeous!! Have a great day Dawna!

Gina said...

Now I know where you've been...you've been busy, busy, busy. I guess we all need to take advantage of the summer weather because it can turn all too quickly for us. Lovely photos as always & the one with the book, pillow & iced tea, makes me want to plop down right there & waste the day away! Have a good one Dawna!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm sure the B&B is a lot of work...but how fun to meet from everywhere! We like to stay at B&B's when we travel. It's so much more personal!

Glad you have had summer weather to enjoy. Great pic's.

Sheila said...

Hello Dawna, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family, It is worrisome when your children are traveling. I hope your son's flights go as scheduled. I'm checking Flight Tracker now as my daughter left Venice today and I know she will miss her Toronto connection...hope that she gets on the next flight... I took ages to recover from jet lag this trip. Sunshine always - Sheila

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