Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing some of the "man cave" part of our house.....

I was busy doing some ironing for the BnB early this morning,,,,down in the basement.  I dislike ironing quite a lot actually.  I was also missing Ben a little bit and got tidying up his room and thought I would get everything all freshened up for when he comes home from Europe.  Its a rainy evening, so I got completely sidetracked and decided to keep tidying up the basement and take some photos for my blog...

So, welcome to the guy's spot in our house!

I don't have any before pictures,,,but just imagine  a 1980's basement with odds n ends furniture, brown carpet, wall panelling and I think you will get a good visual!  The boys (reno babies as I call them  :)  ) had lots of good ideas for their space.  Open ceiling painted black, using tin on the walls....

A metal culvert hides the support post at the end of the stairs.
I think that was Darrell's idea  :)

Grey, red and black was the color choice.  The clock hangs on the chimney bricks.
IKEA , Ikea, everywhere!!

My scrapbook corner (under the stairwell) is behind the curtains.
Framed pictures of Ben from motocross races.

 Art projects and puzzles make up the art work.
And of course guys must have big screens...

Kaleb's drawing of a engine block...I think  :)

The metal wall with "Magnetic Poetry"
and some of the stuff they came up with???

Cartoon drawings of the boys when we were in Disneyland..
that seems like along time ago now.

I have given Darrell a puzzle for Christmas for many years now.
Found this fun puzzle series and they have become great wall art.

See any favorite shows you remember...

How about your favorite Rock n Roll group

60's could be fun...

Taking a break from the kitchen reno in January and putting puzzles together.

With Kaleb living on his own in Medicine Hat now, Ben has the
basement to himself pretty much....
Just a peak into his room, since he's not here to ask permission
to photograph his room  :)

A few of Ben's prize possessions from hockey, motocross and archery.
A real boys room. is 11:45 pm.  Time to call it a day!  I will post a few more pictures tomorrow.  This picture of Ben's tube of toothpaste is an indication of how "messy" a guys bathroom can get!!!!  Stay tuned for the cleaned up version of the bathroom!!  Too late to tackle that one now. all I can say!!

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Pamela Gordon said...

What a beautiful and masculine looking man-cave your men have! You did a great job on it. I like the metal walls, culvert post, puzzle posters and the colour scheme. And that tube of toothpaste?? Messy but makes a great photo subject. I'm glad you have a hobby corner for yourself though. Very nice room! Have a great day.

Lorrie said...

You've created a gorgeous space for your men-folk. But I think a woman would appreciate the design as well, although it might not be to her taste. I love the culvert covering the pole, and the metal wall with the poetry.

Michelle said...

Wow, what a great room! I won't be showing my husband this post, lol

Kim A said...

I love the man cave! Some great ideas here. We really need to do our basement, but unfortunately it's down on the list a way. It all takes time and money, sometimes wish we had more of both! Thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

Wow!! while the colors aren't my choice I think you did an awesome job and I bet the family is thrilled.

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