Friday, July 5, 2013

Happenings around the farm...

It is hard to believe that it is a year ago that we moved !  Yikes, I really don't know where the time has gone.  Even though we spent 25 years at our farm in Hanna, it amazes me how settled we feel at our new "farm".  Our land in Hanna is rented out, and I am so glad  that area of the province has had good moisture.  The 1/4 that we own here is rented and planted as well.  It is so different having irrigated land,  seeing the fields being watered and not being so dependant on rain is something that farmer Darrell is amazed by!!  

Another shot of our little red hip roof barn...its small, but I love it!!

There is a small field that Darrell put up for hay, so he did get some farming in as well.  Can't take the farmer out of the boy!! 

Time of the year on the prairies where you will see lots of bales in the fields

A robin taking a break on the irrigation pipe


You are all welcome to come and pick some!  Last year, with just moving, trying to sell our property in Hanna, and all the other stresses associated with that, the Saskatoon patch {acre} didn't get much of our attention.  But, this year is a whole lot less hectic and we will enjoy some of this wonderful harvest. I think there are about a bizzillion berries out there and I kinda have A.D.D when picking them!!  Here is one thats big,,here is one thats big,,here is one that is BIGGER!!  I guess I have to take Pickin 101 to stay on track!  I do have a lady coming in to pick though,,,,she will pick and in payment she will share the crop with me.  

Purple goodness!

Made a delicious Saskatoon crisp , I think there will be lots of those this summer!

This "photo shoot" took place in the rock tree bed I am working on.
Found a rock with a heart right in it! 

A few things I {heart} today:
~ a day off from work  :)
~ God's goodness in the form of berries!
~ a pleasant day to work outside

Have a great week end everyone!


Lorrie said...

Beautiful place you live in. Love Saskatoons - your crumble looks great!

thistlewoodfarm said...

What a wonderful post! Your pictures are incredible!

Happy day to you!

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