Saturday, November 9, 2013

Photo Challenge - Textures

Time for another photo challenge over at Donna's.  Hope you will check out some of the other posts on this fun blog hop.

My first picture is pretty simple,,,just an "M" leaned up against the corrals.  I like to edit in Picmonkey, I wish it had more textures to choose from.  I usually end up using papryus or the weave textures.  I really bumped up the saturation and like how the reds came out in the wood.



This next shot is one of my favorites that I took of KnJ for their engagement pictures.  It is a little bit blurry,but I still like it alot.  We were inside the Roundhouse building which is such a cool old building.  Thankfully, their is finally a historical society in Hanna that is going to save the Roundhouse!!  I also used the sunlight feature in the left corner of the after photo as well as the papryus texture with the saturation bumped up again.



This last shot is one of the lights that is hanging in the Roundhouse.  Another one of my favorites and has enough rough texture without even editing it.  I used smudge and paint texture on this photo.



Here are a couple other shots of the Roundhouse photo shoot.  We even took the couch!  Lots of pigeons and disrepair!  It is a historical site though as it was used for servicing trains back in the day.  The turn table is one of the only ones left in Canada I think.  One lady in Hanna has worked so hard to purchase it through a historical society, so I hope that it will be restored!  Makes for some great pictures for Ben's grad as well.

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Brenda said...

Awesome shots! I especially love the textured changes of the hanging light photo.

Donna said...

Oh! Love the shots...I hope the building can be saved. If those walls could talk!
Happy engagement to the beautiful couple!!

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Thank you for visiting Call Her Blessed =) I love your shots, esp the one with the couch at the old bldg. What a backdrop! Fall blessings~ Angie

ClickNCamera said...

These turned out wonderful! I especially love the rustic look of the light fixture and the added color and tones are fantastic!

Donna said...

You picked wonderful subject matter for the task of applying textures - great job! The grunge textures compliment and offer a burst of warmth. This wasn't a challenge for you at all!

How neat that you could use that old building for a photo shoot! I would probably spend hours there, photographing every nook and cranny, and could take multiple exposures for some HDR work too.

For free online programs, I think that PicMonkey is the easiest and best to use for textures. And you can use your own textures there too. It is the first tab option in the left-hand menu list. Click on that tab and it will walk you through an upload from your computer. So start visiting those wonderful online texture sites and start your collection of texture files!

Jeanne said...

Great pictures of a very handsome couple. I also love the hanging light.

Lorrie said...

You've achieved some wonderful artsy shots. Love the one of the light and the wall in the Roundhouse. So glad that someone will preserve that bit of Hanna history.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the way some of them are softened up and give an almost a black and white effect. Lovely photos...they are very photogenic. Perfect for this challenge!

Cheryl said...

Wow! Honestly, Dawna, each one of your originals was so artsy, I thought that I was seeing the textured photo. Then when I scrolled down, I couldn't decide which one I liked better!

Beautiful job on this challenge!

Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

Amazing photos! Great locations! love.

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