Monday, January 4, 2016

A perfect shadow

The morning sun was shining onto the fireplace mantel the other day.  There was a perfect reflection of the candles that I quickly ran to capture with my camera.

I am slowly getting the Christmas decor put away, but I think I will leave the mantel for a few more weeks.  I think it has a good wintery feeling to it.  The house always look so bare once the tree is down.  Getting ready to share some pictures of our office with you....did some finishing touches on it and love the results.  Stay tuned.

I like how the glass from the latern made an interesting reflection.

Last week Darrell and I got away for an overnight stay at the Cypress Hills.
The Cypress Hills run through Alberta and Saskatchewan.
This time, we were on the Saskatchewan side.

Friends of ours have a cabin there and we enjoyed playing games, eating, 
doing some skating the next day and going for a walk.

 If you look through the trees, you will find a wee log cabin that I am kinda
intrigued by.  We actually saw it for the first time June of 2014 when we were
visiting our same friends.  I love the red door and the red trim around the windows.

There has been no activity around this cabin for what looks like years.
Of course, we peaked in the little gap in the curtains and was like looking 
at a time warp of someones life.

I love this red door!! and look at the nice fireplace...
I really want to see what is on the other side of the door!
We may have to do some investigating!!

This sign at the entrance to the cabin lot is all we have to go with..
I love a good mystery!

Here are some of my pictures I took of the cabin 
when we saw it the first time...

 The small prairie town of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan is about 20
minutes from the park.  We enjoyed a walk down the main street and enjoyed
a wonderful supper in a late 1800's building.  The name of the restaurant is
THE STAR and I would recommend it to others.!

Interesting original brick wall, creaky old floors, and wonderful food!

It was dark when we walked back to the car, but I was happy to get this
picture of the window display in the "Daily Grind" coffee and gift shop.

It too is housed in one of the original old buildings of the town.

Sometimes just going an hour away in your own neck of the woods 
is a refreshing change of pace!  

Have a great week everyone!!


Pamela Gordon said...

Your little trip looks like fun and it's nice to discover new things close to home. The old log cabin is beautiful. What a shame it's not being used. I kept out a lot of my Christmas decor as it was more of a winter theme. I put away the creche and the Santas though. :)

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a lovely getaway! I have to say... I have been wanting to do some skating here and so I enjoyed seeing you with your skates on! And that lovely cabin with the red door, it is so unique looking, and yet rather sad too! A fun mystery indeed :) Enjoyed your pictures and sharing of your fun little getaway! :)

Amy at love made my home said...

That cabin is wonderful isn't it! The sort of place where all kinds of adventures could have happened! xx

Lorrie said...

It's so nice to get away without going on a long journey. A winter vacation playing in the snow is something I'd love to do. But I'd need more clothes - warm ones!
The little cabin is intriguing. It makes you wonder about the owner, doesn't it?

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love your images Dawna! That cabin is just wonderful. Have a fabulous weekend! I am gearing up to start another semester of school on Monday. :)

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