Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter has come to the prairies.....brrrr

Here are a few pictures of what mother nature left behind after a week end of snow, wind and cold temperatures!  Ben is anxious to get the snowmobile out to break through the drifts  :)
I went for a quick walk around the yard today, the snow was crunchin under my big warm boots, and the air was so still that the traffic on the hway sounded like it was coming right through the yard.
The front of the BnB is completely snowed in and with guests coming on Thurs night we will have to get busy shovelling out the front entrance.  Its cold outside with -25 temperatures and it looks like it is suppose to stay this way, with more snow in the forecast, for most of the week.   So glad for a warm house, vehicles that run, and a hubby and son who are great at clearing snow!!
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danny.elle. said...

Oh I miss it! I suppose I can't feel the cold through the photos though... it's so pretty!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

You are so well organized. My scrap area is atrocious.

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