Monday, September 19, 2011

Roomspiration Blog Hop and Bedroom Makeover

There is a fun Roomspiration Blog Hop going on and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to post the pictures from the Bedroom Makeover I did for my niece, Melissa.

When Darrell and Ben were in Europe in August, I thought I would take a week end and go visit my niece Melissa and her two boys.  Melissa and her sweet little family have an amazing story of courage and strength to share .... Melissa's life changed forever when her hubby, Colin, was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma in August of 2009.  You can read all about their amazing journey on the blog that Colin and Melissa started when he was first diagnosed.  Their story is one of sadness and loss, as Colin  did lose his battle to cancer in July of 2010.  So, Melissa is now a single mom, who is trusting and leaning on her heavenly Father to carry her through this chapter in her life.  She amazes me with her strength, her wisdom, her love and her smile.  God is doing great things in her life as she is getting to share her story with others.

She moved into a new home with her two boys to make a fresh start of things.  The night I got there, we stayed up late chattin and she told me that she would like me to help her pick out some bedding and help her put her room "together"....well boy oh boy did we have fun!!   Her sister in law, Natalie, and friends Christine and Duane were my partners in crime as we told her she could not come upstairs until the big "reveal"!!!  So here we go...with the before!!

I think she needed some help!!  

These curtains were a real chore to iron!

I think from  start to finish was about 8 hours, 2 trips to Walmart, one good trip to Winners, JYSK, Michaels, Tiger Giant, and I had enough "stuff" to try and pull something off for her.  Of course, we couldn't paint so went with what we could work with. 

Melissa picked out the bedding and we went with this pretty blue color too.

She was so excited to have "matching, grown up lamps..."

I didn't know what to do for a headboard, so an extra pair of curtains 
seemed to fill up the space.
The white bench at the end of the bed was a great find at Winners!

Her reaction was priceless !!

The wall "stickers"  were under $10 at JYSK

Melissa and her "dream team"  :)

There you have it!  
Hope you enjoyed our before and after!
Melissa tells me that she is making her bed everyday :)
and when she enters her room it just makes her smile!

That is worth it all!
Love ya!

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Kelly said...

I can't get over this amazing transformation! You took the room from drab to fab in just a day. Looks like your neice really loved it and will enjoy it for a long time. That was such a sweet gift to do for her after her loss. Now be prepared for others to want makeovers from you. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Beautifully and cleverly done! The reaction shot of her joy and surprise made me teary. LOVE the vivid blue with the black and white. Best wishes to Melissa and her children for a new life filled with blessings.

Michelle said...

Wow, I love it and can clearly see she does too!

Gina said...

What a fantastic makeover! This was such a sweet thing to do for your niece & I love the photo of her reaction to it.

Shannon said...

How FUN to make someone a smile like that. Aqua is my favorite so it's always fun to see it used in different ways. Look forward to more exciting projects =)

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

The look on her face is turned out FANTASTIC!

Colin and Melissa said...

So...I am the honoured niece with the new madeover room to enjoy! Let me tell you, i still think of that reveal everytime i make my bed and look around! what a gift to have my own oasis! I love you Auntie guys have given SO much support in our journey and you have blessed me more than you'll ever know!
I love you more than words!

vecrot said...
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