Monday, August 12, 2013

Before n After - dining room

Well, it has been 1 year and 12 days ago that we officially moved to our new property.  We have been busy renovating the house, cleaning up the yard, and just making this place our own.  I really don't know where to start with posting some of our before and after pictures, but will start with the dining room area.   Kudos to all you bloggers that can take great pictures of your spaces...some of these before pictures were taken the first time we looked at the house, some are with my Iphone and some are just terrible!!

We have basically opened up the kitchen, dining and a sitting area to be one big open concept room.  This is the room that I will show you today.  This picture was taken the day we looked inside the house for the first time.   Carpet, a very awkward corner, and half wall separated this sitting room from the kitchen.


We knew this half wall would be going asap!  but I tried to make that little awkward corner work a little bit!  You can just see the edge of the curtain in this picture, that is the skinny little window in the above picture.  Keep that as a reference point for future.

The half wall that I could barely see over!  Lots of good counter space, but we knew our plans for a big island would take care of that in the new kitchen.

Thank goodness there is always an ~AFTER~ when you are a DIYjunky!!

The half wall is gone!!  and I am giving you just a sneak peak at the kitchen in this picture.  You will have to stay tuned as I tweak my pictures for that post!  We decided to have the dining room on this side of the room, instead of the sitting area.  One of my favorite blogs is For the Love of a House!  I have drooled and looked at this beautiful house over and over!  Grey Owl is the paint color of the walls throughout our house, that inspiration came from for the love of a house as well.  New hardwood floors throughout the upstairs, love them!  but the darker color sure shows the dust!  YIKES!!

Here is the skinny window that I told you to use as a reference point from the before picture.  I love looking out this little window and seeing the countryside.  I knew that a white "modern country" feel to the kitchen would be the right feeling for this home.  

We splurged a little on our dining room light and the matching lights that are over our island.  I liked the advertising for the lighting place we purchased them from..."jewellery for your home"  These were the first lights I was drawn to when I went into the store and I am glad we went with them.

Finding new places for one of my favorite "country" things,,,,white jugs!

Of course, the best part of a dining room is sharing meals with family and friends.  Whether it is during renos or after!!  I am blessed to be closer to family and look forward to many meals shared at our table!

Thanks for stopping by the country today.  

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Lorrie said...

Dawna, the transformation is amazing! It's a beautiful, warm, welcoming space that you've made your own. Lovely. And I especially liked catching a glimpse of a couple of people I know in the photo collage! So happy to see the smiles!

(I guess I've not met M, but have seen photos on Facebook and feel like he's part of the family)

Pamela Gordon said...

Dawna, I can't believe the change made in your kitchen area! It looks gorgeous. I love everything about it and can't wait for a tour of the kitchen and sitting area. You have done a great job!!

Judy said...

Just beautiful...your transformation! Magazine worthy.

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