Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas in the back entry and a bit of "Before and After"

I have spent so much time this morning on trying to get the perfect picture!!  How do some of you blog girls do it?!!  You must check Thistlewood Farms....oh my!  that girl can decorate and take pictures!!

Anyways, I really do have to get ready for work, so this is it!!  Our back entry used to look like this!!  These are some pictures I took when we first looked at this house....we knew right away that the laundry would be finding a home downstairs and that back wall, with the calendar on it, would be opened up into the bedroom behind it to be the new office.  This was our first reno project when we moved in.

Can you picture it now!!

and here it is now!  Ready for the holidays this year!

Chalkboard art seems to be all the rage in blogland.
I am lovin it!

We usually hang our keys on these hooks,,,but I thought some mini burlap stockings
would look cute on them.  One of my favorite blogs to follow is Happy at Home .  Robin sewed up the cutest little stockings....sewing is not my what is a girl to do when she would like some cute little mini stockings like over at Robin's house???  GLUE GUN!!

This trio of Christmas trees are one of my favorite decorations to bring out each year.  
This year, I added a bow of twine and called it good!

This old mirror made the move from our other property. 
I actually forgot it was stored up in the hay loft.
It is just right for this entry.

I love its chippy character and the detail of the crown moulding.
The little flowers hanging on the willow branches were an idea from 
Tanya, over at Love of Family and Home.  Can you believe they are toilet paper rolls!
I am still looking for the perfect little jewel to put in the centre, but thought they would look good hanging from the branches with the red snowflakes.

Well, I better get to work!! Yikes the morning has gotten away on me!
Good thing I only work part time!!

Have a great day everyone! and thanks for stopping by the country!


Raewyn said...

Gorgeous!! Your Christmas decorating is lovely!! And I much prefer your new entry way - I believe laundries are meant to be out of sight, it's not an area I find easy to keep tidy :-)

Pamela Gordon said...

Dawna, your entry way looks so beautiful now! What a difference you made in the area. It looks so fresh and bright. I love the decorations you've chosen and that old mirror is so beautiful. Great job!! Enjoy the weekend. Pam

Judy said...

Merry and Bright, it is! Love your decor.

Gina said...

Your décor looks beautiful, Dawna. It's so tastefully done.

And wow, wow, wow to the after picture! What an amazing job on the back entry...gorgeous!

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

Wow, what a transformations! Beautiful.

Cindy said...

Your back entry has undergone a fabulous makeover! It's really beautiful now.
You had me with the adorable little burlap stockings. Happy At Home, is also one of my favourite blogs. Robin is tremendously talented.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Lorrie said...

Wonderful transformation! Isn't it fun to find inspiration from all over blogland?

I love your chalkboard with the shelf for the ornaments and the burlap stockings beneath it.

Robin Johnson said...

Wow! What a change this room as gone through! You did an amazing job. I love all your holiday decorations you've added too. I'm in love with your trio of trees. I had to look close to notice they were faux - they look so real.

And your pretty burlap stockings are down-right adorable. I love them so much. Burlap and a little pop of red - what a perfect combo.

Robin Johnson said...

Forgot to mention I'm following you though bloglovin now. Makes it easier for me than google connect.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a big difference, Dawna! Before blogging, I never thought to take before and after pictures. Wow...I would have a huge album! lol!!

I love the entry all jazzed up for Christmas. And good for you for making so many of the cute ornaments. I have to rely on the old glue gun, too! I love everything!

Visiting from Cindy's! Happy Holidays!


Pondside said...

What a transformation in your back entry!
I love your decorations - the old mirror is just perfect.

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