Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas in the family room and Before n After pics

Well, I have tried and tried to get some good pictures to share with you,,,,these will have to do and I give a huge applaud to those of you who know how to take great interior pictures!  How do you do it!? I don't like using a flash and I guess I just may have to take a class on how to go over to the "manual" side of my settings!  Yikes!!

I will start with the good ones!
This is the fireplace mantel for this year.
Simple mason jars with off white candles 
Wreaths are my favorite and I added the gingham bow

The fireplace still needs to be completed with a rock front, and lots of beefy moulding!
Darrell really wants to incorporate an old elevator beam from the Hanna elevator..
The tall topiaries at the back are from the garden!  I was walking out to the shop to get Darrell and when I passed them in the one flower bed I thought those would fill in the space perfectly on the fireplace!  Just cleaned off a little dirt and wrapped some ribbon around them!

This is taken standing at the back door, and in the kitchen.

Now get ready for some BEFORE pics

Sorry for the even more terrible Before pictures,,,they were just taken with my iPad when
we first looked at the house.  We removed the window and that is now where the fireplace is, the white door going out onto the deck got a make over by taking the middle section of the door out and replacing it with a garden door insert. We decided to have the family room on this side of the room rather than the dining room.  New paint color is Grey Owl, and allll those tiles are gone!

We removed the closet doors and made a bookshelf instead.

You can see the bookshelf behind the Christmas tree.

To see the FAMILY ROOM post click here

Have a great day everyone!
Kitchen reveal is next...


sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Dawna, Your new family room is beautiful! LOVE the wood floors vs. the much warmer!! Your pictures are wonderful and look beautiful as well! The jars on the mantle is simple but sooo sweet...I really like that look! And I also like the wood piece behind the jars!! Have a Blessed, Merry Christmas~~~Roxie

Pamela Gordon said...

It looks so beautiful Dawna. You two have done so much work this year transforming your home into a really beautiful place. I love the simple mason jar candles on the mantel. Really pretty! Can't wait to see the kitchen. Enjoy the weekend.

Judy said...

Beautiful...the family room made-over and all decked out for Christmas! You will so enjoy the 'fruits of your labour' this Christmas. Blessings to you and yours.

Vee said...


I don't think you need concern yourself with taking a class on photographing interiors. These photos are wonderful! You and your husband have been very busy remodeling and it all looks great.

Have a Merry and Beautiful Christmas!

Jan n Jer said...

Your make over is now a warm and inviting family room. Love the mantel decor. I think your photos turned out great! May you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

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