Saturday, June 4, 2011

SNOW! was in our forecast last night!!

It has been a cold, dreary week end so far here at That Country Place.  Thankfully the snow did not show up,,,but I am getting so tired of dragging pots in and out of my back entry!  and I am trying to get all my planting done!  Yikes,,,summer will be over before I even get started.

These hanging baskets are waiting to welcome guests at the BnB

Believe it or not,,,I have never planted begonias.  We are in the process of finishing the front deck, which will be covered, so I thought begonias should do okay in that new spot....

 I thought this old coffee tin would make a nice flowerpot.

I was trying to make some progress in the front yard a few days ago.  A wild willow decided to blow into this tree bed area and take root,,,,,I let it go for a few years, but now I want to cut it back and let some more light into the bed where I see some perennials are trying to grow.  Our yard is very large and its 24 years ago when I was trying to make it look like "something"..."anything".... I think we have made some progress.  Growing tress in our area is always a challenge...wind..little rain...winter kill...are all obstacles.  BUT!! when God blesses us with rain we can rejoice in some of our progress!!

View from our front deck

 I have hauled more rocks than I can count into our yard.  All collected from our fields.

There are some poppies that want to grow and I think a collection of birdhouses will also 
look nice in here somewhere..

The lilac under my kitchen window is almost ready to bloom.

So..stay tuned as the yard takes shape!  

I am off to check in on the ladies staying at the BnB.  They are here for a scrapbooking week end, so I will pop over and see if there is progress made for "show n tell".  Thanks for stopping by the country today and have a great rest of the week end.


Gina said...

Oh no, I'm so glad you didn't get snow! Ugh in June, no less!
All of your flowers look so beautiful & I love the coffee can planter. What an awesome idea!

Lorrie said...

It felt summery here this weekend - finally. I hope summer will soon arrive out your way.

Your baskets are so pretty. Petunias are cheerful, easy to care for and bloom a long, long time. My deck baskets are filled with them.

I love what you are doing with the rocks.

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

The view from your front deck is really lovely- there's so much land!! I love the cluster of trees in the front and I think your idea of putting some birdhouses there would be fantastic. Don't you just love the smell of lilacs! Our neighbour cut down hers last fall, and I missed them so much this year- I'll have to plant my own.

Thank you so much for your visit and very sweet comments on my blog! I am always thrilled to find fellow Canadian bloggers. ~ Yvonne (your newest follower)

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