Friday, June 20, 2014

Guest room almost done,,,,a sneak peek at the re purposed table

I love the light in this room!!  Pictures turn out amazing I think, the light is just right when the sunshines through the window.  Here is a sneak peek at what has been happening in the guest room.  Some of our favorite peeps are coming next week end, so the finishing touches should all be in place by then!

Have a great sun shiney day everyone!!

A cupboard front from the Re Store along with some
of my favorite hooks makes a nice spot for guests
to hang fluffy new towels!

More to come later..


Lorrie said...

It all looks fresh and pretty. I love the hooks!

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks lovely, I am sure that your guests will have a great time and I hope that you have a great time entertaining them. xx

Gina said...

This room is looking so wonderful...I can't wait to see it all! Those hooks are great!

Pamela Gordon said...

It really looks lovely Dawna. I like the soft blue and white. Lucky guests!

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