Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sneak peek at the Guest Bedroom ,,,,, and the little table that could!

Well, the spare guest room made it just in time for my guests to put their suitcases in!!  The only thing I did not get completed was a side table for the long wall across from the bed.  Crisp, new sheets and a cozy place to fall asleep was a good start though!

I started with purchasing two throw pillows at Target for $7.97 each
I had a color scheme in mind and knew I would use some of
the gold yellow color that is fun and bright!

Saturday was a busy rush trying to find a white bed skirt, a side table, a chair, and Darrell was sure to tell me that I was gone for "5 hours" !!!  I added up my stops that I made, and they totalled 13!!  None of which were spent window shopping or strolling along!!   Thank you to both Darrell and Ben for getting some clean up done in the house though!!

Trying to look for items on sale or clearance, and from the thrift store has been my goal with this little make over.  I don't spend alot of money on my many accessories that I have in my house or that I had at the BnB we used to own.  Trying to find a side table for a long wall in this room that is narrow enough so you can get past the bed has been a challenge.  Until,,,,my second trip to The Post, a second hand store.

I almost didn't stop at The Post as I had been there the day before.  I was looking for picture frames that I want to spray paint white.   Since I was on the hunt for a longer side table, I thought I better stop...you never know!!  This little beauty had just came into the store that morning!!  I guess it was waiting just for me.  My first thought was that it looked like a table that may have been used in a Sunday School classroom....I was thrilled when the lady told me that it came from St. Barnabas Church.  $15 later I was finished my shoppin!!

We took off the top piece of arborite and discovered some old slats of wood for the top.   We have been doing alot of clean up in our yard and can you believe that those great table legs were found in the trees!!!   How is that for a "FREE FIND"  The plan is to use them as the legs for the table to make it a little bit taller and have a little more character.  I will use my Van Gogh paint to freshen up the table.

So, continue to stay tuned and see how it all turned out!

Have a great day!


Amy at love made my home said...

I look forward to seeing your table when it is finished, what luck that something came in just before you went looking for it! xx

Gina said...

That is such a pretty pillow! I am anxiously waiting to see how you pretty up that table!

Lorrie said...

I love that pillow with the golden knots. Great inspiration piece. The table/bench is sure to be lovely when you're done.

Vee said...

So that cute pillow started it all? Amazing. When I do things, I spend way too much money and it doesn't look like much so I am keeping my eyes open for your posts. Glad that the room came together in the knick of time.

Pamela Gordon said...

Love the table and the legs. It's going to look amazing. I found a cute metal table at the thrift store yesterday and will be spray painting it this weekend for the deck. I can't wait to see your table finished.

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