Sunday, April 1, 2012

Move your feet!

Hello everyone!  I started my day by reading a quote from my friend's facebook page:

Do not expect God to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet"

Well, we have had some very interesting things happening in our life, and we will be movin our feet so to speak!  We have purchased some land just 8 minutes outside of Medicine Hat and will be selling our acreage here in Hanna.  YIKES!!!  we are super excited to be getting closer to family there and that is where Kaleb and Jami will be calling home once they are married.  ( 4 weeks until the wedding!! another YIKES!)    So, after 25 years in this home, we are venturing off on a new adventure.  Of course you can't move the country peeps to town too soon, so we are thankful for the quater of land we are purchasing there to still live in the country!

Now it is to be patient and wait for the perfect buyer to come along for our 20.3 acres here.  Note I said the word "patient"!  Not the best at that sometimes, but we are hanging on for the ride!

I am working on a slideshow for Kaleb's wedding.  I asked my parents to send me some pictures and included in them was the picture below.  I grew up as a PK "preacher's kid" and this is the first church that my parents pastored at.  A little country church in the town of Esk, SK.    I moved a few times growing up and at times it was hard to leave familar things behind, I am thankful for the many wonderful friends I met at each place we lived.    I know that there are many good things ahead for Darrell and I and for our family.

Have a great day!

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