Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New spring mantel for the rangehood

Reading posts throughout blogland, we are all anticipating SPRING!  Although we have not had a very harsh winter here in Southern Alberta, I am looking forward to warmer temperatures and the great outdoors turning green again.

When I came across this great little spring saying I quickly switched out my frame that I use on the shelf of my rangehood.  It is just a wee shelf, so at times it is hard to find things that will not fall off!

Too cute!
I can't remember where I found the link for the
saying, but will keep looking and try to repost it.
Its free, just print off your computer and you 
have some new ART !

This cute little bluebird was a gift from my son and daughter in law.
It fits right in with this wee spring vignette.

Here is another shot of our kitchen, with a little before n after.....

Yep...its the same space!!  Full post to follow on this one!
Here is the dining room recap for a start....

Thankful for a sunny day!
Cute little bluebirds!
and a God who blesses us with seasons!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It all started with a coffee machine....

Thought I would show you our latest corner that we got finished up in the past few weeks.  We received a Keurig coffee .... even though I have a huge island, I don't have alot of extra cupboard space beside the stove area in our kitchen.  However,,,,we did have this wall that needed a little somethin!

Here is the before, the first time we saw inside the house.
Note the fan, the tile and carpet, the solid white door...

Here's the after, taken from the same spot.
No more fan, continuous flooring, a bright patio door window,
and a handy little coffee station!

Here are the details:

We were wanting to use another old door and a cupboard that we had.
Things just weren't working out as planned with our idea, and the little cupboard
was a wee bit short, and it wasn't looking quite right and needed some major is a bit of a blurry picture!

So, Darrell and I were on a mission to find the right cupboard.
And we found just the right one at the Brick...Solid wood, interesting handles, 
and just the right amount of distressing! Even came with some baskets
but I knew I would just use the shelves.   Bonus!

I also wanted some kind of shelf and hooks to hang coffee mugs from.
I picked up a cupboard door panel from the ReStore, painted it and hung a
row of hooks that I found at Target. 

  The little shelf unit above was from
Winners.  It was damaged, but I knew we could fix it with a little bit of glue.
I also turned the cupboard upside down,,,so I would have the little shelf on the
top.  This will be fun to decorate for different seasons!

A quick Iphone picture sent off to Darrell to see if he thought it would be fixable!  
Whatever did we do without cell phones!!  I hate em and I love em!!

And what is a cuppa coffee without some yummy dessert!!

Thanks for stoppin by the country today...

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Monday, February 17, 2014

My "in between" fireplace mantel

It is a sunny, very windy day here in Southern Alberta..and it is Family Day!!! Yeahhh..a day off from work  and one more glorious day of the long week end.    Had the kids in for supper last night, enjoyed watching some home movies and had some good laughs at the boys creative playing!!  Went for breakfast with Darrell this morning, and have made plans to go to a movie with some friends.

This afternoon I am going to curl up with a book and a cuppa tea, and just enjoy being out of the windy weather.  Thought I would share a post of my "in between"  fireplace mantel.  This fireplace was just a mock up that Darrell made so we could get an idea of what we wanted on this wall for the actual fireplace.  We have someone who wants to purchase a quad off of us,,,he is a finishing carpentar and when he suggested offering some of his services in trade for the quad I knew exactly what project I wanted him to finish!!  But, in between waiting, I thought I would keep the mantel decorated...

 This wall is still a work in progress, but for now, the items help fill the space

Pictures from a calendar helped to fill the empty frames.

Enjoy the day!

Would recommend the book
"Light Between Oceans" by M.L. Stedman

Friday, February 7, 2014

Street Scenes Photo Challenge

It is time for another photo challenge over at Donna's.  At first I thought I wouldn't have much to contribute as far as street scenes,,,,but when I got looking back at my photos I had quite a few that will work for today's challenge.  I had a hard time deciding,,,so I hope you don't mind if I share a few extras.

Of course, the streets in Europe are a photographers dream!  and the water streets of Venice are even better!

This is photo Ben took and the street has part of the fortress wall....

I would love to go back to Venice!  
With school trips for each of the boys and Ben and Darrell's trip to Europe, Darrell and I really need to get to Europe together!! 

A parade on city streets is always fun!

Little cowboys and gals waiting for the parade!

A fun day to ride!

The streets of Fernie,,,headin to the chocolate shop with some our favorite peeps!

But for me, the best roads are the country ones and the road that always leads home.

Have a great week end everyone!

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