Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A fun little photo shoot...

I had a fun afternoon with four special little people!! and here are the some of the results!

You will probably see these again as I play around with some editing on them.
Sweet little faces!!

I need a name for my photography...any suggestions out there????

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday.....College Days

We made a trip out to Caronport to see Ben this week end.  I still can't believe that he is away at college!! He relocated to a different dorm this week end and here is a picture of Darrell and Ben making his room feel more like his.  The poster behind them is one that Darrell took to HCC in the 80's and then Kaleb took it to RMC in 2007 and here it is once again finding a spot on a college dorm wall.

Miss you Benny, but know that you are where you are suppose to be for this time in your life!

Coming home, we stopped to take a picture of this old house.  When we drove by I thought that it had a stone foundation, but it still has some character to it.  I like the details above the window.  It now sits all alone, empty and forgotten.  Looks like it was a nice yellow color at one time.

Had fun editing it in Picnik a little bit...

A picture of me that Darrell took beside an old building at Caronport.
I like the textures of the old siding, it was so bright and hot and sunny that I had to wear shades!

I hope you all have a great week!
Enjoy the cool, crisp days of autumn too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

High Fashion in the Rockies

When Darrell and I were in Banff this August, we spent some time at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.  One of the displays was "High Fashion in the Rockies" and displayed an extensive wardrobe collection of Georgie and Eleanor Luxton.

"Who would have thought that Georgina and Eleanor, the Luxton Ladies, would have accumulated finery spanning five decades?  Rediscovered in the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation collection were dozens of beautiful dresses and divine accessories from 1910 through the 1960's.  Purchased by Georgina and Eleanor by mail order from dressmakers or fine shops from Calgary to Toronto, most of these frocks were worn for only one special occasion and then stored carefully away."

Beautiful lingerie....

A great little suitcase as a display..

But how did Eleanor and Georgina learn of the latest fashions?

"Fashion magazines provided access to haute couture far beyond Paris, the seat of fashion.  In North America, wearing Paris fashion ensured that others would recognize the wearer's status as a cultivated and wealthy person, perhaps able to travel to Paris, certainly able to afford the best her own locality could provide, be it local cultural life or the best dressmaker in town."

The accessories were beautiful as well as the timeless dresses..

Even in a small moutain town such as Banff, Eleanor and Georgina Luxton had access to the fashions of the world.   To learn more about the Luxton Family , be sure to check out the website.

The busy streets of Banff

Eating at our one of our favorite spots Magpie and Stump

It was a fun day learning about some of Alberta's history and Banff royalty.

Roomspiration..the Scrapbook Room

Welcome to my scrapbook/craft room.  It is just a small space underneath the stairwell downstairs, but it is just enough space for me!  Great way of practising self control when buying scrapbook supplies, cause if it doesn't have a spot, then it best not be coming in!!  It may be a small space but it sure can get messy!!  I have spared you those pictures and will show you the clean version!

Red is not my absolute favorite color, but it went along with the rest of the

Wicker storage containers from Ikea, as are the floating shelves

Carrying on with the culvert and medal wall from the man cave...

Some cheap pictures from Walmart and some Wall Talk

The ribbon holders are actually small curtain rods that had magnets on them.
Darrell cut me a piece of tin and the magnets attach to that.

The top of the desk is actually left over flooring and the desk is made
out of 2 file cabinets that were really cheap at Liquidation World

Storage containers from Walmart and Home Hardware

So, thanks for stopping by my scrapbook room.  Hope you feel a little bit inspired!

I am also close to being at 100 followers,,,,so hope you will follow along if you aren't already

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Roomspiration Blog Hop and Bedroom Makeover

There is a fun Roomspiration Blog Hop going on and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to post the pictures from the Bedroom Makeover I did for my niece, Melissa.

When Darrell and Ben were in Europe in August, I thought I would take a week end and go visit my niece Melissa and her two boys.  Melissa and her sweet little family have an amazing story of courage and strength to share .... Melissa's life changed forever when her hubby, Colin, was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma in August of 2009.  You can read all about their amazing journey on the blog that Colin and Melissa started when he was first diagnosed.  Their story is one of sadness and loss, as Colin  did lose his battle to cancer in July of 2010.  So, Melissa is now a single mom, who is trusting and leaning on her heavenly Father to carry her through this chapter in her life.  She amazes me with her strength, her wisdom, her love and her smile.  God is doing great things in her life as she is getting to share her story with others.

She moved into a new home with her two boys to make a fresh start of things.  The night I got there, we stayed up late chattin and she told me that she would like me to help her pick out some bedding and help her put her room "together"....well boy oh boy did we have fun!!   Her sister in law, Natalie, and friends Christine and Duane were my partners in crime as we told her she could not come upstairs until the big "reveal"!!!  So here we go...with the before!!

I think she needed some help!!  

These curtains were a real chore to iron!

I think from  start to finish was about 8 hours, 2 trips to Walmart, one good trip to Winners, JYSK, Michaels, Tiger Giant, and I had enough "stuff" to try and pull something off for her.  Of course, we couldn't paint so went with what we could work with. 

Melissa picked out the bedding and we went with this pretty blue color too.

She was so excited to have "matching, grown up lamps..."

I didn't know what to do for a headboard, so an extra pair of curtains 
seemed to fill up the space.
The white bench at the end of the bed was a great find at Winners!

Her reaction was priceless !!

The wall "stickers"  were under $10 at JYSK

Melissa and her "dream team"  :)

There you have it!  
Hope you enjoyed our before and after!
Melissa tells me that she is making her bed everyday :)
and when she enters her room it just makes her smile!

That is worth it all!
Love ya!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn display for the kitchen

We are still having great weather here in Alberta.  Some places around the province have had frost, but our yard has not had Jack Frost visit yet.  I did move the flower crate from the island this morning though and replaced it with something a little more fall like.

Some new candles to make things feel homey...

I have a few of these birds that seem to fit in well with different displays.

I like the colors of autumn and the crispness that is in the air.

I think I may just bake a pumpkin loaf later on today  :)
Right now, though, I am headed out to cut the grass one more time this season.....

Thanks for stoppin  by my kitchen today, have a great evening!!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harvest time on the prairies.

It is mid September and the fields are busy with combines and grain trucks.  The swaths are big and fluffy and the bins should be filled this year!

Barn Charm time again.  This barn is right outside the little village of Huxley

Still standing tall on the prairie landscape.

Missing my boys ya!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunny days are fading....

Feels like autumn days are around the corner here in Alberta.  It is the middle of September, the days are getting shorter, the combines are busy bringing in the crops, and the air has a little bit of a crispness to it.  I love this time of year actually.

Darrell and I went on an overnighter to Red Deer this past week end.  Our first week end as empty nesters...that is just too strange to me!!  Being empty nesters I mean!  No schedule, no hurry, it was a relaxing day.  Mocha Moolattes at Dairy Queen are my new favorite drink!!

We stopped to look at a sweet Corvette convertible that was for sale and parked in someones yard.  Darrell chatted with the owner about the car and I couldn't help but get a shot of the beautiful sunflowers in the yard!
The light was really good on this beautiful bloom.

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.

Playing around with some editing in Picnik...

Oh...Darrell is still dreaming about the Corvette!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its been a looong week!

Where do I start....this week and a few days have been filled with all kinds of things!  Darrell and Ben got back from Europe on Saturday August 27th and Tuesday Aug 30th was a whirlwind of phone calls, getting school marks, laundry and repacking done  as Ben reached a decision to attend Briercrest Bible College in Caronport SK. ( 6 hours from home )  We left for school on Saturday and yesterday was my day to leave my baby behind.....  So as I type this Darrell and I are officially empty nesters!  YIKES  how could that be!

Off to college..

He is excited, apprehensive, scared, unsure, glad to be independant, ready to leave home and not ready to leave home.....a whirlwind of emotions!  All normal parts of growing up, but it can be hard to watch them go through it all.    I love you Benny and you are going to be just fine!!   I know God has big plans for you and all you have to do is trust and know that you have great potential!!  We are proud of you and the decisions you have had to make this past week.  Remember what I told you before I left, "Don't doubt in the dark what God has revealed to you in the light."

My Barn Charm photo for this week was one that I took on a trip to Drumheller.  Drumheller is in the heart of the Canadian Badlands and the river valley is very unique.  This little red barn is nestled right up along the hillside.  I hope you like the edits I did with it.

Little barn in the valley..

Have a great week,,,,I guess what is left of it, everyone!!
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