Saturday, June 22, 2013


People in Medicine Hat are waiting,,,waiting for the water to arrive!  Curious onlookers at the river's edge tonight, waiting and watching...

I think the city is prepared for what lies ahead, people have been evacuated, sandbags put around, the red cross we just wait.

Our thoughts are with so many people that have lost everything in the 2013 Southern Alberta floods over the last few days.

I took these with my Iphone,,,not bad for Instagram

A huge thanks to all the city workers, volunteers and people who have been working around the clock to prepare for the flood waters that are suppose to peak here on Monday morning...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stormy weather in Alberta

There is major weather stuff going on in Southern Alberta!  
 High River, Canmore, and Calgary have been very devastated with lots of flooding.

The river valley in Medicine Hat will be seeing high water levels in the next few days as all the rivers will converge onto the South Saskatchewan.
Thankfully, our property here will be fine.  High winds have caused some damage, but nothing serious.

The river valley at Echo Dale

Threatening clouds on the drive home....

Praying for safety for those effected with the flooding.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Postcards from Italy....

Time for another Notecard Wednesday post.  Make sure you head over to check out all the great photos.

These shots are from the school trip Ben and I took to Europe in April of 2010.  Wow, where has the time gone.  Venice and Verona were my favorite stops!  I loved the markets, seeing what everyday life was for the people that lived in a few places I never ever thought I would get to see.   I hope you enjoy some postcards from Europe today!

Editing done in Picmonkey, user friendly for us amateurs!!

Enjoy checking out the other pictures at the Vee's party!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The find is FREE the friendship is PRICELESS

We had a great week end !  Friends from Hanna came to visit and we had a few adventures together!  We enjoyed showing them our reno improvements and giving them a tour of the property in summer.  It was wonderful to share our table with them  and to hear our laughter again.

We took them to a few of our favorite shops, Annie McGuire, a Metal Shop where Sharalynn purchased a "plier flier" and a "metal daisy". . It was relaxing to just snoop around the shops with no rush of a schedule!  Although we did have to take a detour home to check the know that feeling when you aren't sure if you turned it off or not!  Well, I had turned it off,,,but just wanted to be sure!   It was a good thing we did return home...who knew the oven question and unloading a bigger item purchased at the metal shop would free up the room we would need in the car for the next stop we made!

Artisan's work

Next stop, with an empty car....was Blondie's Greenhouse.  I love seeing the beauty of greenhouses in full bloom!  I purchased a rose bush, have never grown one before, so will see if it survives.  Sharalynn was working on a spot in her yard and found some perennials that she was happy with.

Next stop was a "garage sale" that the guys happened to see a sign for.  As we turned around it looked like it was in a storage unit parking lot.  Hmmm,,,there was one car leaving, and nobody else was around.  There was a whiteboard that said "Everything Free"!

Well it didn't take long to go over what we didn't want!! { BUT} there were two little items that were a gem in the making!  One being the little chair you can just see in the right hand corner of the above picture and the other this cute little dresser!

But...would it fit in the car!? 

Sharalynn looked pleased that, {YES} it would fit!!

But...that did mean the little chair would have to stay!
Just no room!

And you know you are good friends when you can make the trip home with {friend} sitting on your lap cause there is just no where else to sit!  And here I thought Phil was holding the plants on his lap the whole trip home,,,only to find out later that they were sitting on the floor and he held nothing!!

Sharalynn has plans to use the dresser in her spare room.  I suggested that she call our niece, Heidi, who has just started her business over at Rustic Barnyard

One more look at this little gem. Lots of potential here!!

Stay tuned for another post with more information about Rustic Barnyard!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Prairie fences in springtime

Just a quick post over to Friday Fences, hope you will stop over and see what others have posted.

This was taken just outside of Hanna, I would pass this little pond of water everytime I would go into town.  Some years it would be full and the water birds would be loving it and other years, it could be very dry!   That is life on the prairies though, different seasons and different growing conditions.  Ones we can't change if we tried!  I am thankful that when we go through different seasons in life that I have a God who is always with me.

Have a great week end everyone!!

Also linking up to A Photo Challenge

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Barn Charm in the Valley

I am usually not a huge fan of white barns, but came across this one restored in all its glory.  This barn is part of the Echo Dale Farm that is just down the road from us.  A great park area with lots of green grass, swimming hole, park, and museum area.  I had some fun editing in Picmonkey and hope you like what I came up with.  You can also see another barn on the hillside just up a ways from this barn in the previous Barn Charm post.

Check out all the other Barn Charm lovers and enjoy the country today!!  Trying a new linky party this week  Friday Fences.  There just seems to be a party for everything out there in blogland, even fences!  But I do find them interesting as well!

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