Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yeahhhh it felt like summer may be around the corner...FINALLY!

Well, I had a great day in my yard!  Finally got some plants purchased, some beds cleaned out, some plants moved and swatted lots of mosquitoes!!  YIKES they are hungry little guys.  There were a few times I was hopping around the yard and swattin like crazy!

My Mosaic Monday post includes some of the pretty shades of purple I have seen in the past two weeks...

This little table sits just outside our back door...I have some ideas for it, so stay tuned

Before planting

A few trays of flowers to plant..

Always love this happy bloom.

Pansies are one of my favorite annuals..the colors are so pretty and I always 
think of my friend Joanne when I plant them  :)

We have an "outside room" area on the east side of our house.  It is one of our favorite spots complete with a fireplace made from all our field rocks.  I wonder how many rocks I have moved into this yard for borders, tree beds, etc!  I was feeling a little overwhelmed with our big yard today and wondered what it is like to have a "town yard" as I call them.  So, instead of feeling overwhelmed and like there was just too much to attend to, I focused on one bed at a time.

Now, as I sit at the computer  I am ready to get to bed!!  My body aches a little, and I think I got a little sun on my shoulders.  It was a good day though!  Ended with a bbq steak, some fried potatoes and some steamed asparagus!  YUM..oh and 2 cookies and a cuppa hot chocolate :)

I will post some after pics later on this summer when things fill in a little bit.  Gardening on the prairies is such a challenge,,,,,I envy some of the beautiful gardens I see that look like they just grow and grow!  Oh well,,, we prairie dwellers are hardy with a capital "H".  Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Steppin out in style!!

It is raining and dreary here in Alberta.  When will spring really arrive with some much needed sunshine!  I have hardly done anything in my yard because it is cold and windy.... I see the lilac bush outside my kitchen window is showing some buds though.  A little bit of sunshine and it will be in full bloom.

Today's photo is of my co workers fancy rubber boots!  I love em! and she has been getting to use them with this rainy weather we have been having.   I was playing around with some of the "texture" feature in Picnik, so I hope you enjoy the collage too.

I will be posting some shots of my "girlie" high heels that I wore for Ben's graduation!  They are so pretty and I really liked them, AND they are the highest heel I have ever owned!  My worst fear of slipping or falling in them did not come true though!!  Thank goodness!!

I will post this to Photo Feature Friday

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Graduation Ben!

Well, the weekend is over and Ben has walked across the stage .....  where has the time gone!  I have been busy editing pictures and still am not done, but I wanted to get something posted today!!

I was the "photographer" for the day.  Ben was a good sport as we went to a few different spots to try to capture some memories.  The mosquitos were very hungry!!   The day was perfect temperature wise, and the rest of the week end turned out to be rainy.  So, we were lucky that grad day was so nice.

We are proud of you Ben!

Purple was the color of the day!

Handsome young men...

and pretty young ladies...

I have enjoyed raising our boys in a small community.  Most of his graduating class attended kindergarten to grade 12 together. 

 Parent dance

 Family  and friends...

That important piece of paper..

It was a great week end!  We are proud of you Ben and pray God's very best for you as you start a new adventure as a young adult.  Trust in the Lord and He will direct your paths.  We love you!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shabby Chic "before and after"

Things have been a little busy is Grad Week!!  I can't believe that  Ben will be walking across the stage for his high school diploma on Friday!  Yikes!  Where has the time gone!  There has been lots of clean up and organizing going on in the country!!   The BnB will be filled with family, and last minute I decided to finally clean up Kaleb's old room.  You know how the room is not being used,but yet it turns into the dumping ground for everything you don't know what to do with.  Well, Jami will be getting the "spare room" this week end, so I wanted to give it a mini face lift!

I am doing my mini makeover with mini cost!!   Today, I will show you the before and after window frame project that I thought of.  This old frame was tucked away under the eaves in the BnB, and while hunting around for the bed rails I needed I had an idea!  I purchased the butterfly prints at HomeSense and thought, "why not use the window frame as the "frame" around my picture.....hope you like it as much as I do!


Almost forgot to take the before picture...

After:...some shabby "country" chic

The grey color of the walls is perfect for the "mat" around the picture.

The canvas picture was a little too thick for the frame to go over it, but Darrell trimmed it down with the table saw (his best purchase ever, he says!!) and then the window frame could just hang overtop of the butterfly print.

So, there you have it!  I really like it and I think there is another frame up there yet, waiting to be recycled and brought back to life!!  I have a spot in my dining room, now to find the perfect set of pictures for it.  Have a great day everyone, I will post more of the after pictures later.

I will link this to :

Delightfully Inspiring Thursday @ Delightful Order

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaleb

I can't believe that Kaleb is 21 years old today!   I really don't know where that time has gone!!  It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.   Today, I celebrate my first born and thank God for all his characteristics that make him Kaleb  :)  He is discovering what life is all about being independant and making life work.  I am thankful for his desire to put God first in his life and to trust Him for all the unknowns that he faces.  I love you son, and wish you a very happy day!!

I remember this happy, chubby face when you were a baby....
You were always jabberin about something....
and now look at you...
a young man with an exciting journey ahead of you!

Mothers Day in Medicine Hat

Brothers....I pray they will be there for each other when it matters...

Thanks for stopping by That Country Place.  I am off to the city today. Ben's graduation is next Friday and I still have some shopping to do for that.  Costco here I come!  and of course must make a stop at HomeSense!!  Still looking for some finishing touches for the kitchen and then I can post my after pictures of the renovation.  Looks like it will be a bright sunny day, have a great one everybody!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Springtime on the Prairies..

The theme for Photo Feature Friday over at A Rosy Note this week is Spring!  Springtime on the farm definately means new life!  We have a small herd of black angus cattle, and calving season is just about over.  Only 4 more to go I think.   So far, so good,,,no mishaps or losses.  I did have a little bit of excitement one morning though.  Darrell and Ben had already left the house for the day, and I knew to keep my eye on one cow that was going to be having her baby.  Just before I got showered for work, I thought I better go check on things.  Of course, there was the newborn calf laying so close to the "overflowing" dugout.  I knew that as soon as she tried to get up she would be wobbling around and would for sure end up in the water.  And that is exactly what happened!  Thank goodness for helpful neighbors.  A panicked phone call to Darrell, alot of running around as I tried to find the "hook thingy" to get on the back leg of the calf, all while trying to keep a good distance from mamma!  Well, I managed to hook the leg, and tried to pull in the calf but I  got scared when the cow started coming closer and ended up with the hook under the water, still attached to the calf and praying that the neighbor I called would get here before the calf's head was under water!   Of course, everything worked out fine and mamma and baby were reunited and safe!

Greenery starting to peek through, pussy willows and the
Canada Goose, all signs of spring on the prairies.

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I will also link this to Mosaic Monday

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book your scrapbooking retreat at That Country Place BnB

I had a repeat group of ladies book into the BnB for a scrapbooking week end.  They arrived last Thurs and scrapped away until Sunday.  I would pop in every once in a while  for a quick show n tell and see what great things they had created.  Heres a peek of some of the week end favorites.

Meeting in the middle at That Country Place, the girls travelled from
Martinsville SK, Taber and Innisfail

Jacquie has 3 girls and was working on some great girlie pages...

I like the choice of pinks and browns on this layout

This was one of Jacquie's fav picks...

Pretty details make the page...

Heather was busy working on her wedding albumn..

Black, red and cream pages accented with ribbons and glitter
embellished her pages.

Sheila was working on some fun pages with teenagers in mind!

Fun and colorful, I like all the polka dots

Who knew teenagers could understand "dinosaur"..

Sisters in red..

Thanks for sharing ladies!!  and I will look forward to seeing you in October.

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