Saturday, April 30, 2011

I survived the Hanna Rummage sale!!

Twice a year our little town has a huge RUMMAGE sale!!  It is put on by the hospital auxillary and all the funds go to the hospital.  The amount collected from items selling for a mere .10 cent to maybe $5.00 always amazes everyone when the grand total from the sale starts circulating around town.    It is amazing how much stuff is donate and  the hard work of all the volunteers to get the items sorted and displayed so that the doors can be open to the "lined up" public!  People come from miles around!!  Well, I have had very little interest in going the last number of years.  I am not a real pack rat of stuff and generally look for items that I have a spot for.  I must say though, since starting to blog and being on so many decorating blogs and seeing alot of bloggers who have a great eye for "recycling", I was up for the challenge!!  Where we live in Alberta, there are not alot of great antique sales.  I can't believe some of the outdoor flea markets and sales I have seen on bloggers sites from the States and eastern Canada!   I read about one antique sale that takes up 10 acres!!

Who wouldn't love to go looking for that perfect item with these two!
One of my favorite decorating duos...Sarah and Tommy

Okay, here is what I was looking for:
old "wind up" alarm clocks
blue glassware or bottles
white pitchers ( can never have too many of those)

And below is what I found!

Note the price on the cute little shabby chic mirror is only .10 cents!!

I love old books and these were a steal at .25 cents each!
The bottom one is titled " A Book About a Thousand Things"
I will make a post about that real soon  :)

Annie, the previous owner of 2 of the books...

I have noticed old kitchen scales in some decorating books,
The scale was one of the first things I scooped up when 
I got in the door!  Those are the new kitchen tiles in this
picture, they just need some grout yet 

I think I paid .50 cents for the scale.  I don't think it is too old, but I 
did like the industrial look it has. Ben pointed out that the little
red needle is bent though!  Oh well, what kitchen appliance can 
you get for .50 cents now a days!!

So there you have my finds for the day.  I got 12 items and paid less than $10.00 for ALL of it!
Now that was a great shopping day.

I hope everyone is having a great week end.  I had great intentions of getting out and cleaning up some more of the yard today.  But,,,it is cold and windy!!  I have also been playing around with Picnik, a photo editing program that you can download.  Of course they say for FREE,,,but some of the features I want to use, such as "textures" does cost a fee.  So, for $25 for the year, I downloaded it.  Look for my Mosaic Monday post, as I will try to see if I can figure out the editing.

Thanks for stopping by!  I am really enjoying getting to know the people behind some of my "favorite blogs"   Its great when we reply to one another and stop by to say hi!  :)

Take care!  


Gina said... certainly scored some great items for a super price! No guilt involved for that, right? ;)

Have a nice weekend!

Bettyann said...

fab finds ..the frame must be the best bargain ever..yes would love to go shopping with Sarah and Tommy..take care..come over and say

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Wow, I thought the scale I found for 5.00 was a sure got a deal! Everything for 10.00 wish I lived closer. Love the blue glass!

Shana said...

I love that mirror...what a steal! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

A Rosy Note said...

Oh you found some great things! I went to a few antique stores today...nothing much caught my eye though.


Anonymous said...

I love sarah and Tommy! And I'd agree with the antique sales! You have to really be on the hunt for them! A fellow albertan -amy

Arleens favorite home said...

It's nice to shop kind of knowing what your looking for. Not me, I go shopping to find what I love and have to have. Love Sarah! Love your site! Blessings to you and your handsome family.

Cheyenne said...

This is HILARIOUS. My friend from Big Stone is always trying to rope me into coming out the rummage sale. Who the heck knew it was blog worthy. Friend, your pictures are amazing---!!

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