Sunday, April 10, 2011

Springtime on the Prairies..

It was a beautiful morning for a walk, so before I headed to church I thought I better get my shoes on!  No wind, some sunshine and some time to get some fresh air.  When I got back from my walk, I picked up the camera and headed back out again to get some pictures of a few things I saw along the way.  I also switched my runners for my rubber boots and its a good thing I did because I did sink up past my boots in one spot and came home with a soaking wet sock and pant leg.  I remember when I was a little girl, I got stuck in a muddle puddle on my way home from school and actually had to get out of my boots, walk home in wet socks and go back to get the boots!!

The water is starting to flow from the filled dug outs and the melting snow that has covered the prairies this year...a welcome sight for a good start to things.

I was abe to get much closer to these geese when I went for my walk the first time,,,but when I came back with the camera, they seemed to be a little camera shy and off they went!

Please stop by and visit Mary for this weeks Mosaic Monday.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a great week.


Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Looks like Blogger picked on you this week. I can only see white squares with an x in the corner and no pictures. It happened to me last week. V

Dawna said...

Okay, thanks for the update. I will try to repost it...sorry ladies :(

Pondside said...

I remember that mud from our years in Alberta. We called it Gumbo. Do you?

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