Saturday, April 9, 2011

From taxes to decorating...

Well, there was no getting around it...this week end I had to get a good start on my income taxes!!  So, since I have no BnB guests this week end, no hockey, and no other excuses,,,it was time to get at the books!    Who knew one little BnB business,the farm and our personal stuff  could take up so much paper in the scheme of things!!

Well, I don't want to put you completely to sleep with this post!  So, I will show you my latest find from HomeSense!  I just love that store! and with getting to the fun part of decorating and putting the finishing touches on the kitchen I have been a very good customer!!

This cute little cupboard was my latest find.  I think it goes well on this wall with my rooster pictures that I have had forever,,,but still don't want to part with.

The cupboard even has kind of a distressed look very similar to our new was meant to be..

I don't know if I really like the hook on the bottom though?  That is how the cupboard came, I just don't know what to hang from it ??  Any suggestions?

I have a number of white pitchers and even found a spot to display a few here

We don't have any chickens/roosters on our farm,,,so these will have to do :)

The to do list for the kitchen is getting shorter,,,but Darrell has to get his income taxes done as well, so things are kind of on hold again!  Soon,,,very soon, I will be posting pictures of the finished job!

Thanks for stopping in at That Country Place today, wishing you all a good week end!

I am also posting my new finds at Cottage Mondays.


Lorrie said...

Oh, taxes. Ours aren't finished yet, either. Our kitchen is coming along slowly. Today we chose the tile, and cabinet paint colors. And ordered a kitchen sink. Then we worked in the yard since it's due to begin raining this evening.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lorrie said...

Oh, and I really like those rooster prints. I have a liking for roosters.

Bettyann said...

love the lil cupboard...hang maybe a mug..havent done our taxes yet either lol

♥ Miss Tea said...

oh wow, i got a headache alredy seeing those papers BUT you found a super cute cupboard! love the decorations on it, the jug is gorgeous!

Susan @

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